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    Addiction Among the Deaf community

    Hello. I'm interested in finding out if addiction has been or if it is a big issue within the deaf community and if so are there very many treatment programs for the deaf or hoh?? I work in recovery and am interested in this issue. thank you.
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    Yes..another newbie, and hearing at that...

    Hi there. My name is Robert and I am a student with a bible college in Los Angeles. I've been learning asl interpretation of worship and have since fallen in love with the beauty of ASL. I love watching asl interprative music. Anyway, I am pretty ignorant of deaf culture, but I love Jesus and...
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    Divorce is a very sad thing. Familys were never ment to be ripped apart. To often people see love as something to fall into or out of... Quite the opposite. Love is a commitment, not just something you feel. When you love somebody, you give yourself to them. otherwise it is only a ' I love you...
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    Newbies: Quick FAQs

    Hello everyone, I do asl interpretive worship music. I am a ministry student with Teen Challenge and am still learning asl. I fell in love with asl while watching song interpretation and the way it can used to express emotion and passion.