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    What are your hobbies ?

    Off topic, Riding a horse sound fun. I am watching a TV show on Netfilx - Heartland. It is about a horse farm life. It is very long series. I am on Series 9. It will be last Series 15. My sister told me that she likes that show and I am ahead of time. I think she watches it on Series 4...
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    Electronics rant :mad2:

    Yeah. Obviously, everything is made in China. We are too stupid to buy China products without complaining to several store owners. We started it. I used to collect the electronic boards for gold and copper. Nowadays, the gold/copper is extremely thin and thinner every year with a new...
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    The cutest smile ever

    I thought that Blue Heeler dogs always nip at someone's leg. I love blue heeler dogs and they are very smart. Saki is surely beautiful. My father used to say that blue heeler is bad because of growling. He was so wrong. It means that my dog loved the massage on her back and it was part of...
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    Finally bought a farm

    I saw a bee house on the internet which is cool and it is 600 dollars. I believe that it is from Australia. It is good news that there are other companies that are selling the same thing - better bee house...
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    Doorbell/Telephone flashing

    I have two squareglow devices at my house. It is wonderful that deaf makers work for a deaf company. Of course, it is made in the USA. That is what I like the most. One small drawback, in my personal opinion, is that it is not a powerful strobe. It shows a video on the website that what the...
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    7 polices hurt in Baltimore riots

    I don't know why. UK might have copied the idea from US police to use the handcuffs this year. I'll ask my friend about that. He travels to UK and Ireland once a year or every two years. Thank you for showing me the picture.
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    New to hearing aids help!?!

    I agreed with Bottesini about the custom made mold. There are three different shape ear molds. Two types of molds: one is a little hard surface and another one is soft. You have to ask your audiologist about it. See the link for shape molds:
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    7 polices hurt in Baltimore riots

    Well, England Police and American police are very different. In England (UK), a police arrested a person without a handcuff and put the person in the police car without a problem. If the police sees something wrong with a violent person, the police radioed to get another police to arrest and...
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    Do you think Deaf might drive BETTER than Hearing?

    It might be safer for you deaf guys/gals to drive a military tank on the road. That will save your insurance.
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    SC House OKs bill ending permits to carry concealed weapons

    Jiro, Alright. I will have to find out about the legal stuff in Connecticut for my mother. BTW, it is not cheap to renew a gun license in Mass which cost about 100 dollars a year. It is not included a fee for a bullet license. I think I was told that it is free if they are senior. All...
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    SC House OKs bill ending permits to carry concealed weapons

    I have a deaf friend in NC. The sheriff said if there is a cop pulls you off the road (in NC, SC, GA, LA, and FL), the driver must put his/her gun on the dashboard to let the police to see it. My friend said that it is even a loaded gun on the dashboard. Is that true?
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    SC House OKs bill ending permits to carry concealed weapons

    Really. Is the "Stand Your Ground" in the castle doctrine law? It is so strange law in Connecticut that it is an illegal for a house owner to shoot a robber in the house. Many people bought the handguns at Cabela's on a holiday sale day. This made me think that they ignored the law. I...
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    SC House OKs bill ending permits to carry concealed weapons

    Well, I learned from someone in the gun class. A man who is rookie told us that many police stations do not offer a training class so they just practice in the shooting area to improve their skill because they want to save the budget. He said that it was a bad idea. Beside, I was shocked, in...
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    Deaf Apple Forum/Discussion

    Did you update your iPad's operating system (iOS 8)? If it is under iOS8, then you will need to get that new version. It's free for you to update it.
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    NTID/RIT or Gallaudet?

    Here is my general comment: RIT/NTID is just like a "vocational school" for technical skills and blue collar workers. Maybe a very few white collars. Gallaudet is just like an education school for white collar workers and government jobs. I read somewhere on AD that some deaf students...
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    Tinnitus mapped on human brain

    Do you think that a Bone Conduction (headphone without a microphone) would work? I think that it might help your mind to ignore the hum sounds.
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    Should Netflix Be Accessible to the Deaf?

    I have an Apple TV3. I am not sure how that works if I cancel a TV subscription and keep the internet cable and a telephone (for my hearing mother) because Apple TV requires the internet for the connection. I also have Netflix which cost 8 dollars a month. My bill was 129 and recent one is...
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    Should Netflix Be Accessible to the Deaf?

    I believe that Hulu included the closed captions on shows/movies.
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    If you went fishing and caught a fish?

    Actually, I was told that lobsters have the most sensitive to heat than most sea-animals.
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    Should Netflix Be Accessible to the Deaf?

    Wow. You are hooked up to watch all kind of movies. :shock: