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    Are you going to Deaf Nation World Expo?

    I voted maybe, depends on how much Jon and I can save till July. I really hope I am going!
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    I went to Tokyo last 2006, and it was pretty tight and crowdly, depends on the locations. They really love the technologies like if you need to find a vending machine, you will find it on like every blocks, the people was pretty busy and the customer workers are very friendly. There are...
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    Same-sex couples in D.C. say 'I do'

    You asked HOW which was not your nor Foxrac's answer. No offend, Foxrac. My answer is for how the glbt rights should be justified as you asked.
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    Pay Docked because of Facebook status

    That is really horrible, it does not make any sense if they just "heard" from the internet and take it to the workplace against you...
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    Same-sex couples in D.C. say 'I do'

    To respect each other's choices without any harm or offends, or any affects to others.
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    Dangerous lack of mental health care

    Yeah it's true that the mental care doesn't always help. I was in the treatment and recovered without graduating while I was supposed to stay for a year, but dropped out after attending for only 3 months. There are some people who can be success without mental care or could fail and...
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    Teacher, Student Relationships

    I am not sure what to think the difference between having a student dating with the teacher than those who are adults that was dating with the minors?
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    What apps do you have on your mobile phone?

    There's some such like Mobile Banking, Myspace, Facebook, and some other that I don't use very much on my blackberry bold, but I am considering to use the Mobile Banking soon.
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    I Demand Explanation :)

    Welcome back, Jillio :) btw, I just got back a few days ago too ;)
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    AllDeaf Mobile

    Agree, very smooth! :)
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    do you shop at the dollar store?

    Yupp sometimes :)
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    Hey I am back!

    Thanks to you three! :)
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    How to cope?

    Yeah I remember you told me about your grandma, I think it was very ignorant to put you through the therpay and the violence situation just because you admitted that you were bisexual, wow... I am glad that you still be proud of who you are and be yourself for now on :) I hope you meet your...
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    Hey I am back!

    At the eastern of Washington, just more closer to the North Idaho Panhandle. Thanks :) Yup that's right, thanks for support ;)
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    Hey I am back!

    Thanks Shel and JClarke! ;)
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    AllDeaf Mobile

    Gotta love Blackberry Bold 9700! Trackpad is a lot easier for the mobiles, jmo. But I prefer to use the laptop to check out the AllDeaf because it is easier to read and type anyway :)
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    stick or auto?

    Thanks, Foxrac! ;)
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    Same-sex couples in D.C. say 'I do'

    Congrats to the DC! :D
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    How to cope?

    I have been thinking where to put this topic because my situation does not include only because that I was gay and have boyfriend, but as well as many reasons. However I am putting this topic in the GLBT section anyway because it was because that I was gay and having boyfriend that all starts...
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    Hey I am back!

    Thanks LakeTahoe and Maria :) :lol: Looking for a drama with me? Nah! I am already enjoying my pizza lunch with my boyfriend, hope you enjoy yours! ;)