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    Rules in Deaf culture?

    Ah ah ah! :hug: I'd never remove you Beowulf, we've been friends for far too long. Days dating back to the DC/DL days, I value our friendship very much. I find it very sad that some people feel the need to justify their actions by PMing me and explaining to me after the fact what happened...
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    should parents lose custody of fat kids?

    Wirelessly posted Gruel? Noooo try hospital food! Yuck! Will be going through a week's worth very soon!
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    Third nipple found on woman's foot

    Wirelessly posted Wow that would've come in handy if she had triplets! Just stick her leg out into the crib- no problem!
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    Oh My God... The Largest Gummy Bear!

    Wirelessly posted You better hide it away from me otherwise I'd be like "bitch, imma scratch yer eyes out" oohhh sweet or sour gummies during pregnancy... *drooools!*
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    Original AD members

    Wirelessly posted If it wasnt for AD, I wouldnt have reunited with Miss Delectable after knowing her in real life. Banjo & Mrs Banjo are close to hubby and I as well. The Charlies' Chickies (Katzie, Liza and kuifje75 aka Kootchie) were and still are my close friends. If not for the CCFs, I...
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    should parents lose custody of fat kids?

    Wirelessly posted There are several people and sadly the majority of the "several people" happens to be men that takes personal offense with jillio and her perspective. Honestly it's all about egoism. Some are able to walk away and some just harbour deep-rooted resentments and use jillio as a...
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    should parents lose custody of fat kids?

    Wirelessly posted rolling reminds me of someone here that used to post a lot about CIs and then left because he was banned after getting into several heated arguments with jillio. I just cant help but notice the very same pattern repeating itself again only ... under different aliases. Tsk...
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    should parents lose custody of fat kids?

    Wirelessly posted Oh yes jillio it is over at FB where I share private info of our girls and PM me if you want to be in my FB. Yes I am choosy because info can be easily manipulated and abused- that's frightening. Take rolling for example. I'd never allow that in my FB so you hang in there...
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    should parents lose custody of fat kids?

    Wirelessly posted No, the newest low is calling kids "fat" and we wonder why they overeat! My goodness people, character assassination at its lowest here- focus on YOUR own children NOT other people's kids. This thread makes me very wary to share info about my 2 girls and they aren't even born...
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    my sister baby x ray prove ultrasc (girl)

    Wirelessly posted Congratulations on being an uncle! All wee babies are beautiful miracles from God and glad to see you being very happy about this. Being an uncle is a special gift and treasure this.
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    Few very hot topics should be banned

    Wirelessly posted Like saywhatkid said, I am going to quote you so you may or may not need to eat your words later. You have a LOT to learn about debating. I've seen a pet thread flamed up all because a member couldnt learn how to separate her histrionics from her logical thinking. She felt...
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    Few very hot topics should be banned

    Wirelessly posted Religion has been around for ages. You want to ban abortion threads; then you'll have to ban parenting threads. They go hand in hand. You want to ban CI threads, you'll need to ban the ASL/sign language threads for they go hand in hand. Ban oil? Ban car discussions too...
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    Law Requires Ultrasound Before Abortion

    Wirelessly posted Sorry to say this- the day you are able to naturally conceive and carry a child to full term which is 40 weeks, that's the day you can form an opinion about how wrong it is for women to have abortions. You are a man. You will not be able to experience the shock of an unwanted...
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    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    Wirelessly posted Lately hubby and I put up with well-meaning but very ignorant medical staff when they learn we're Deaf & I'm DeafBlind and pregnant with twins. They always exclaim "You know you're having 2 (2 fingers!) babies in there!" *points to belly* We're like... no sh*t but we nod our...
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    Happy Father's Day!!!

    Wirelessly posted I wish those with fathers a wondeful day of relaxation. For those whose fathers that are beloved I wish them a day of strong recollection. I also wish those who are expecting their magical bundles of joy a special day of immense joy. Happy Father's Day my dear Christopher...
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    Man gets life term for killing toddler with 'wrestling' assault

    Wirelessly posted Ugh why did I have to come to this thread? Oh my two precious little babies, dont be in a hurry to come out. You're safer in Mommy's belly.
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    Not a paerenting thread - Autism thread

    Wirelessly posted Try setting up visual cue cards with expressions of emotions like happy, sad, mad etc. Each emotion with different colour. Blue for sad yellow for happy red for mad. Make up cue cards for food, chores and use them for him to communicate with you when he is all upset and in...
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    what do you think about true love?

    Wirelessly posted Like the majority of you I dont get the Disney reference. To be with your life partner you take everything about him/her at face value and love him/her for who he/she is. The flawsmakes everything human and being together in a relationship or a marriage for a long time is...
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    stem cells injected into blind eyes

    Wirelessly posted Hubby and I discussed this with a retinal specialist not long ago. I was a candidate for this however guarantees aren't made with stem cell implantation because this is a relatively new field. A lot of research has been done with very little actual physical evidence to show...
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    If I was ready to talk, would you listen?

    Wirelessly posted I recall subscribing to your previous blog; whatever happened to it? I enjoyed reading it.