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    RIP Windows XP

    I doubt they'll ax windows 7 anytime soon...everyone HATES winders 8. I dislike tablets and only use my cell phone for texting as I obviously can't talk on one because I can't hear anyone. Hell, I'm still using XP on my laptop. I have Linux Zorin on my netbook.
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    They worked hard...

    My maternal grandmother had 16 kids. She was born in 1900 and was 14 when she got married. My mother was next to the last of the lot to be born. My grandmother lived to be 93.
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    What not to kill yourself with household items....

    Ooooookaaay. All I can say is WHY? Why would ANYONE eat or drink most of this stuff? LOL
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    Anyone here recommend a nice vacuum cleaner that works to pick up dog hair?

    We just got rid of the carpet. Easier to use a broom or one of the non-motorized bissels to sweep up the hair our dog and cat sheds. Easier on the allergies too. LOL ;)
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    Definition of normal....your opinions?

    "Normal" is a useless term. It's pretty much whatever works for a person. So long as they aren't harming another living being/creature....who cares? The assholes who run "mainstream" society would love to put everyone in the same mold. Facebook is douche-y. I cancelled my account years ago.
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    RIP Windows XP

    Me mate and I run a version of Linux called Zorin. It's great. As easy to use as windows without all the issues that makes windows such a pain in the ass. We never have to worry about malware or viruses. It's designed to help wean people off of windows. Plenty of programs that are comparable or...
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    The good, bad and ugly

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHH! Oh geez, I needed a good laugh! Thanks Rockin' Robin!
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    It is an unfortunate thing that most people seem to think that anything other than humans are just souless things to be treated like nothing more than property or rubbish. Honestly, I have found an awful lot of humans to be the only real heartless, souless animals with no more regard for life...
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    Giraffe kisses dying man goodbye

    Awwww....this made me cry. *sniff*
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    Anyone else here make their own wine/beer?

    Aren't you the lucky bugger Grum! :lol: Getting some free wine sounds like a great deal to me! :D
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    This is my website...what do you think?

    Thanks, respectyoda.:ty:
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    I've been sober for seventeen days.

    Oookay. LOL Not exactly sure what you are talking about Rockin' Robin...but okie doke! LOL :lol:
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    Looking for an aerogrow....

    They are wonderful little indoor hydrogardens, dereksbicycles! I've read several reviews and most people once they get one end up getting several because you can grow just about anything with them. people grow everything from herbs to tomatoes and squash in them. Some folks have even gotten...
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    This is my website...what do you think?

    *snort*I wish I could wave a wand and mutter some words to rid myself of assholes too. Alas, magick doesn't work like it does in the Harry Potter flicks, it tends to take a bit longer to manifest most of the time. :laugh2:
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    This is my website...what do you think?

    Hey guys, working on learning this HTML5 stuff along with CSS, JavaScript, etc. so I can tweak the site. Half the time I am pulling my dreads in frustration. *sigh* Patience is a virtue I'm told...sometimes I think whoever said that needs their ass kicked. LOL
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    Looking for an aerogrow....

    Yeah, did that but the thingy insisted that I had to have SOMETHING written when I tried to edit the post. Someone made a comment that really didn't deserve a response. So, I just tried to delete my response. Oh well. Thanks anyway. :ty:
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    Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps dies

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. I hope WBC dies right along with the old hate-monger.
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    Looking for an aerogrow....

    Removed my reply. Don't know how to delete.
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    Looking for an aerogrow....

    If she is an avid gardener like me then she would ADORE one or more of these wonderful little hydro gardens. Me mate and I want a room full of 'em!
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    Looking for an aerogrow....

    These things are awesome. There are folks who have several of them and grow everything from herbs to cucumbers, squash and tomatoes. You can even start seedlings ahead of the planting season to have them ready for outdoor gardens.