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    What is ur fave color?

    DAMN! I notice everyone who love PURPLE mofo! :crazy: So, my fave color is RED!!
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    Some friend

    it happened to me many time but i only knew they're NOT my true friends.. like that they're just friends. I have too many of friends.. so I don't have to worry about. they should know better if there's something wrong with me or neither about me, just straight out with me with being honset than...
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    Vanilla coke

    meme luv vanilla coke... diet coke is grosssssss!~
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    What's your favortie Fast Food?

    New Jersey: McDonald's and Dominios Texas: Wendy's, Burger King and Taco Bell
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    What's your sign and her sign?

    Me: Cancer My goofyball liebling: Pisces
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    ur family deaf or hearing?

    All family of mine are hearing. I'm the only one who deaf. My dadda's side family, his 8 brothers who want to learn how to sign so I think that'd be great! So I could have communicate with them if they know sign. -wink- My cousins know sign but they live in Los Angeles...I miss them! :-(
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    Age check

    WHOA! Y'all are older than me!!! ME only 16 years old! :(
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    360 Gallons!!!

    EWWWWW!! Thats really SICKO!
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    I collect old magazines and tickets from the movies and rides. :-D
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    Meme new here! Yah yah!

    Uh no... I didn't go to Sign Camp... I just moved in Austin like last month ago :-)
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    any1 from midwest ??

    ME ME from Austin, Texas
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    You own the business...

    If I wanted to have my own business, I'd be a massager..*I'm really good at it, dont even think about the guy thing, ya know what I'm talking about?* I'd name the business *Deafy Massage* HAHA!!! I don't know what would I name that business!
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    Internet and Real life

    Online: Bitchy...chattbox... FLIRTY Real life: Bitch, Flirty, Sweetie, Friendly... some ppls said I'm snobby but i don't know if its true becuz I can't see myself.. oh well!
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    how do you feel about having a long-distance dating/relationship?

    Sometimes I have hardly to believe in long distance relationship becuz I'm soo afraid if that guy will have cheat on me or liar to me everytime about what did he did or what was he doing. That's really hardly to trust him but I know I do trust him so much and I still love him soo much in my...
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    Longest Relationship with your BF/GF Post #1

    My long relationship was 6 months with a deaf guy but we're totally over in 2 years ago before he graduated at NJSD. He's such as bullshitter and a jerk. -sigh- I wish I never date with that jerk guy..but oh well!!
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    Meme new here! Yah yah!

    heyyy y'all.... My name is Ella from Austin, Texas. I'm currently a student @ Texas School for the Deaf. If you wanna get to know more about me, feel free to contact me anytime. ~*Kaytee-Thanks. Meme miss you, girl! -hugs-*~
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    PROUD to be single

    Yea yeah!!! I agree you, girl. I'm really proud of being single becuz it keep me busy to hangout with friends, family, work, and sports. I have no time to spending time with my boyfriend if even I'm really busy.. busy..busy!! That suck! And also I don't like to having a relationship problem with...