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    :wave: hi liuliang!
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    Your AD name, why?

    well my nana used call me a partygirl [in nice way] coz i always out enjoying myself with friends. it just pop into my head when i join site, had not thing very much about it.
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    Tips for coping with a break up?

    :lol: I find lot of chocolate and then going out all dolled up and grabbing the first good looking guy you can find helps. really I serious, :giggle:
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    New member.

    :wave: hi kevin! welcome to Alldeaf!
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    Um, A Problem with a Cartoon

    Well, i can't say i find it funny, maybe that just me :dunno: But I certnainly did nt take ofence to anything there
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    Hallo, everybody!

    :wave: welcome to Alldeaf!
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    Wipe or Pat?

    yep, I go along with that. I vote wipe it off
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    finally found people I can relate to, woohoo!

    :wave: hi Viper, welcome to Alldeaf!
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    is everyone here from america?

    :lol: Don't forget Ireland!
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    WWWWWait a minute, Lissa?????

    :wave: Happy Birthday Lissa! I hope you have a wonderful day:aw:
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    New HOH Member

    :wave: welcome to alldeaf!
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    hiya guys. new hearing person

    :wave: welcome to alldeaf!
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    What did you learn today?

    I assume my idea a technical no no. I thought it sound good though :lol:
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    Howdy all! :)

    :wave: welcome to alldeaf!
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    What did you learn today?

    :lol: that would drive me insane!
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    What did you learn today?

    I read that and thought it just me not understand! I very courious, how do you change roation of clock?? If you put battery in other way around, maybe it go backwards??[ I just think of that!]
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    My Experience in Australia

    hope to get there someday. hav an uncle living in sydney
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    Who is single here?

    Single 1 month now with no sight of anyone on horizon.:dunno:
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    VRS fraud case--does anyone personally know

    I know a guy. never broke a law in his life. had money problems, did something very stupid, paid the price and went to prison. he deeply ashamed at wat he done and the embarassment it brought to his family. he out now and living a normal life. he is a nice guy and i doubt he ever get in trouble...