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    Malian Troops Too Poor to Train with Real Bullets

    :lol: whiskey tango foxtrot, over?
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    NY passes 1st US gun control bill since massacre

    Well, it's absolutely outrageous.... *sarcastic*
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    This is amazing.. And kind of disturbing..

    Only in Russia.... :P
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    Christchurch earthquake

    The Chinese Navy aren't as strong as US Navy does for another half century. That's why they've got the new motto: America's Navy, A Global Force for Good. :P My condolence goes to the victims of the NZ earthquake.
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    Packers or Steelers

    Green Bay Packers!!!
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    DeafNation Expo-Austin, TX (4/16/2011)

    PM me if anyone needs to find the hotel near Expo or entertainments like bars, downtown or museums. The city of Austin is like back of my hand. So, PM me if you like to. :ty:
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    DeafNation Expo-Austin, TX (4/16/2011)

    I'll have to make sure that you will have to eat our authentic Tex-Mex foods. :cool2: I'll be at Deafnation Expo on April 16 for sure.
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    26 states join Obama health care lawsuit in Fla

    Okay, if you think it's wrong, blame it on the congresses back in early 1800's for pass the Electoral College into the law. Not Bush. You're off the track, ma'am, we're talking about 26 states to join up to fight against Obamacare.
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    26 states join Obama health care lawsuit in Fla

    Wrong? How can 26 out of 50 states be wrong? What exactly are you talking about deal to do with the final outcome? Number or not but the people gets to be force to pay the Obamacare or face penalties in 2014, I believe, is unconstitutional, period.
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    26 states join Obama health care lawsuit in Fla

    Well, I do believe that the states are counted for against Obamacare. The parties aren't counted, so, yeah, 26 out of 50 states are majority.
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    26 states join Obama health care lawsuit in Fla

    Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Idaho, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Washington. 6 more: Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Ohio, Wisconsin and Wyoming. 9 states are blue and against...
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    Road to the Super Bowl XLV

    Packers all the way....
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    Pics of you - Part V

    Nice pics. I was a volunteer firefighter for a short time until city hall decided to change the policy that all firefighters must be the full times and no more volunteer. =/
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    Pics of you - Part V

    It's a M4 with M203 Grenade Launcher, yeah. Jiro, it's all good. Ignore all you want and I RARELY missed a target. :cool2: :P
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    Pics of you - Part V

    No comment on my picture? I see....
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    New Stop Light

    ehh, I like what we are having....
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    What did you learn today?

    Is it me....? :Ohno:
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    Pics of you - Part V

    My newest gun to my list!!! well, I wish....
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    ...didn't you know....?

    Congratulations, Jiro. Keep it up.