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    Looking for a practice buddy (or two or three!)

    Hello all! My name is Kalin and I am in my late 20s and living in south Florida. I’m pretty new to ASL though I’ve known how to finger spell for years…but I am super motivated and determined. Despite being hearing, I am neurodiverse and would like to use signing for my own personal reasons as...
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    ASL practice friends?

    Hello! Sorry to kind of barge in but I saw your post and felt I had to reply cause I’m in FL too! I’m pretty new to ASL but looking for people to practice with and super interested in making friends that know or are learning sign :) feel free to reach out if you’d like!
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    ASL Practice Buddies on Zoom

    Hi there!! I am pretty new to ASL but very passionate and motivated to learn. I’m hoping to start attending in person events soon but in my area they’re only once a month and I need more practice than that…I am very interested in deaf/HH culture though I myself am hearing. Email is...