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    How do i?

    :slap: Hi ALL! How do i go about getting hard of hearing friends from the uk to chat too? i have tried posting messages, bu onone replys to me :tears: I have msn if anyone wants to add me its I am a female 25 from uk who is hard of hearing, but has had a bad...
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    Hi All :)

    Hi all, I am new to this site... i am a hard of hearing parent to my 14 week old son, who is my first baby too I am currently waiting for my ent appointment for me to get a new hearing aid...... as i stopped wearing mine to being bullied at school for it! I was wondering if there was any...
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    :buk: :buk: Hi All I was wondering if there was any hard of hearing people on here from the UK? I would like to make some new friends, i am female 25, will be friends with either male or female, any age over 21. :) Thanks Lisa. xx
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    Over from RNID

    no not at all, i just wanted to find deaf friends more around my own age. :) RNID stands for royal national institute for the deaf...... LIsa. xx
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    Over from RNID

    Yeah i did come over here from the RNID site, i still use that one but i thought i would give this a try as u all seem round about the same age, whereas on RNID they are all married and atad old shall i say. LOL Anyways i am looking to make new friends, male or female about the same age as...
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    New babe here!! :)

    undefined Hi All, I am new to this site, just thought i would say HELLO! i am hard of hearing, have been since birth... i used to have hearing aids but did'nt wear them as i was bullied at school, so its kinda made me very self consious..... but now that i am 25 and a full time mum to my...