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    Coclear implant question

    I suffered very quick progressive hearing loss due to Meneire's disease brought on by a severe concussion suffered in an auto collision. The concussion was in 2000 and the hearing loss began about six months later. Eighteen months after I began wearing hearing aids and progressed to the...
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    Adjustment to late onset deafness

    That is a very realistic video sound track. I am a former professional musician who is bilateral CI and the music seems to be what I've progressed through up to the 20 channel level. Thanks for posting.
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    Ab implant and music

    I am a now retired professional musician/educator and I am a bilateral CI patient. Menieres robbed me of my hearing and my career. I started going deaf at age 47 and went through HA's from lightly powered to full powered and finally went totally deaf at age 61 two years ago. My main job was a...
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    Medical model and cochlears

    I am a bilateral CI receipiant. My personal belief is that if a person is offered something that will help them reach toward a semblance of normalcy it should be taken advantage of. After all, amputees and most born without limbs don't shun artificial devices in favor of getting by without...
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    Choosing between ab & med-el

    I am a now retired professional musician who chose AB a year ago because I felt I would regain more normalcy with their equipment. I know I will never perform or conduct again and over time have faced that. No ones equipment would have given that back to me. What I have received is good...
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    Newly implanted, just turned on 2 days ago

    I expect that with time and mappings the noise will be less irritating. If your processor is equipped with a volume control by all means use it in noisy situations. Ask your audiologist to include a program to help in noisy situations. I believe that what I am hearing is what I should have...
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    Newly implanted, just turned on 2 days ago

    I am bilateral and have no residual hearing, but I really had very little hearing before the surgeries. Best advice I receive from both surgeon and audiologist is give it time. At first the sound quality was horrible but after time, it has greatly improved. Each mapping seems to help this...
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    Confused about a ci or keeping hearing aids?

    If your speech problems occur in environments with a level of background noise you may not experience much improvement with CI. CI's are artificial hearing somewhat like HA's in that the processor amplifies mechanical sounds, processes them digitally and delivers the signal to the implant. You...
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    Has anybody liked their CIs?

    In my case it is not a matter of liking it is a matter of needing. I became deaf over the past few years. At 62, I am a bilateral implant patient working daily at improving. I am at a level of 98 percent voice recognition in a quiet environment(as recently tested). I agree that at least so...
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    I Hate This. Do Ci Users Have This Same Issue?

    Interesting article, and I believe at times I may suffer from this although until now I didn't know hearing loss could be directly linked to fatigue. I am bilateral CI, and earlier this week was in a situation of trying to converse with people in a large outdoor setting and when I returned home...
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    Insurance Companies Suck

    My experience with hearing aids was frustrating, the insurance paid for nothing, not even a hearing test. However, if the hearing test was done at the direction of an MD it was covered. I now have two cochlear implants and the surgery was covered and two processors for each ear (4 total) were...
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    I have 90s and your battery life will improve with time. My audiologist says that the processor works harder to overcome swelling around the point it contacts. If you're like me you have some swelling that may take a few months to go away as you heal. I had my left ear implanted last Dec 17th...
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    Adjustment to late onset deafness

    Both surgeries were pretty much the same painwise. I had constant pain for about four days, then intermittent pain for about two weeks. Pain subsided a lot when the implants were activated, but I don't really know why, just what happened. At this point, almost two months out on my last...
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    Adjustment to late onset deafness

    I'm a little late to the thread, but here goes. I was a professional musician for over 46 years and a public school band director for 39 years. I was rear-ended while waiting for a car in front to turn by a lady going in excess of 50 mph in 2000. I received a severe concussion and was...
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    Ci Rehab

    I was without hearing for about two years, so I had no trouble understanding speech when I was activated. (Thank goodness!) I am eight months on the left and two months since activation on the right. Both are still mproving. I am a former professional musician and sadly very little ability...
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    CIs and Music

    I am new to the CI world but was a professional musician for 45 years and a music educator for 39. I went from perfect pitch to relative pitch to being dependent on electronics to tune. I have been activated since 12/30/15 and things are slowly getting better. At this time I only have CI in...