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  1. PowerON

    Any Online Free (or Cheap) Tty That Can Call Normal Phones?

    What Verizon's deaf plan been bother me.... I look up on compare both deaf and normal plan. Deaf: $55 for unlimited text and 2GB data. Voice charge per minute. Normal: $55 ($20 per line plus $35 for 2GB data) for unlimited text, 2GB data, unlimited voice and hotspot. What's wrong? 9_9
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    Any Online Free (or Cheap) Tty That Can Call Normal Phones?

    Since, it sound that your relative can talk well. I suggest you to sign up at You would able to receive the FREE CaptionCall base connect for your home.
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    #ios10 With Built-in Tty Under Phone App

    Update iOS 10 for iPhone, you get to see actual TTY software under Phone app. Just add relay service (711), you're able to call anywhere, if you prefer TRS than rather videophone. It's available only for US. Germany, Canada and Australia tried and none is work during different baud, I believe...
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    Fire Alarms While Sleeping?

    Which do you prefer? Visual or shake signaler with fire alert? Visual: Shake: These work with exist audio detector. The best thing? You're allow to relocate the visual alert anywhere instead...
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    Nyle Dimarco’s Biggest Talent Lies In How He’s Used His Profile To Benefit The Deaf Community

    It's true. High-profile is easy for people to pay attention. I'm not famous enough when I have important article or video - nobody care about me. Don't worry, I'm fine with that way.
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    Who Likes Hummingbirds?

    You know what's interesting fact? Hummingbird goes in hibernation-like state called Torpor (pronounces TOR-per). This is a really deep sleep. Their metabolism went to 1/15 than normal, during activate, these is overly-hype than use with redbull!
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    How Do I Communicate With People Who Can Hear??

    "Don't worry, we can communicate with write in audio wavelength. You can read the audio wavelength. Right? Hey? Hey....?"
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    Favorite Pizza?

    Deep pizza is truly amazing than pizza hut or domino's fake deep pizza.
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    Signing Glove Into Text/voice [comic] I create the comic to respond to the article that been introduce the technology to use with glove and sign in slow. I felt, it will not work out during mistook on similar sign motion.
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    Comcast's super-fast cable Internet is coming

    Thank to Google Fiber, it force Comcast to act up.
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    How To Search Cc On Youtube App

    There is no subtitle to search. Bummer! Only Closed Caption.
  12. PowerON

    How To Search Cc On Youtube App

    Use filter search to narrowing video with closed caption. Example showed on iOS, for Android - it do the pretty same thing.
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    Mcdonald's Customer Accused Of Putting Soda In Water Cup Charged With Robbery

    I saw the overweight lady carry 3 super-size into the fast food and asked the cashier to refill soda and replace the cap and leave. I realize, she actual keep same foam cups from past and paid nothing on other day. I felt bad that they're being "rob" over soda. So, I leave the note to one of...
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    Nyle DiMarco Joins 'Dancing With the Stars'

    Let me know if he break his legs. I hear that Marlee got his ankle sores very bad.
  15. PowerON

    Apple refuses to unlock San Bernardino terrorists phone for FBI investigation

    McAfee also admit that anti-virus is so annoying. lol
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    Erin Andrews Award $55 Millions In Nude Video Lawsuit

    Why share the video news instead text news? Not everybody have time to read it. Here is text article if you prefer...
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    Superbowl 50

    Lady Gaga performance that remind me of Hungry Game.
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    Grip bell

    Because he is what he does.
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    Hawaii Introduces Bill To Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

    That prove that NONE therapy actual help on anything.