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    Live Transcribe

    I have the same question as yours and need a stronger transcribe app. I tried to microphone that fit onto my cellphone but they didn't help much. Need a stronger transcribe
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    Need a device for deaf

    what I need is a device that triggers a strobe light when my doorbell rings. I want something that is as simple as possible. Any ideas? Also something that triggers a strobe light when my fire alarm goes off.
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    Does body heat affect hearing aids, such as sweat?

    when wearing hearing aids every few hours take them out and let your ears dry out because we don't know what moisture build up does to our inner ears
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    Cochlear implant problems!

    Natasha. I can relate to your problem. After the failure of a CI implant in my right ear leaving me deaf in that ear, I am reluctant to have a CI in my left ear. I am afraid it might leave me totally deaf. You can read about my CI experience at:
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    Anyone use transcribe on your cell phone?

    I find it very works quite well and I use a microphone attachment to increase the range but I still need a more powerful microphone.
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    debating a re-surgery: need advice

    would you try a re-surgery after this experience: I am afraid of going through all that again and don't know if they can tell me the chances
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    need a speech-to-text app that works

    there are many speech-to-text apps but I haven't found one that I can use in a conversation around a table that picks up the speech. A person has to almost be talking right into the phone for those to work. Any apps out there that can pick up a conversation at a short distance like in a...
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    need to get this link out there to get helpful info

    I forgot to include the link so here it is:
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    need to get this link out there to get helpful info

    the more people that respond to this link the better I will be able to gather helpful information for myself and others that I am in contact with that have the same general problems. anyone know of anyway to get the link out onto the digital information highway?
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    need a text-to-speech app for cell phone.

    I have a hard time hearing a conversation in a coffee shop and such places. There are a lot of apps out there that translate speech to text but none that I tried worked unless the people were almost talking right into the cell phone. Any app that will pick up distant speech?
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    my cochlear implant horror story

    in case I didn't give the link to the essay I wrote on my condition.
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    speech-to-text app or devices for conversations

    does anyone know of any devices that can be used for spleech-to-text daily conversations.
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    my cochlear implant horror story

    I saw the 3rd Otolaryngologist about the roaring and none of them really knows what the cause is or anything else about it. Doctors don't know as much as we think they do.
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    my cochlear implant horror story

    Now it is going on 1 year since the CI failure and I still have roaring and rumbling in my head that I had never had before the surgery. In short, there was no benefit what-so-ever to that CI surgery and worse than no benefit putting up with all this stuff. My balance is back but not back to...
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    Hearing Aids Are Not A Fix

    be very careful about a cochlear implant. this was my don't mean to scare you but just be careful
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    any word on bone conduction

    since my CI failure ( I am now interested to know if any bone conduction surgeries are being done. Anyone know?
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    Hearing Aids Are Not A Fix

    being deaf is better than going through what I went through. Consider yourself lucky in some ways.
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    Profoundly deaf - anyone like me, have CI?

    be careful. I just had a CI that failed. My story is here: //
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    my cochlear implant horror story

    I had a cochlear implant on March 15, 2018 and the activation was on April 5th. It was a terrible experience from which I have not yet recovered. I created a Web site that explains what I went through. If anyone would like to take the time to read it I would appreciate because I have some...