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    One thing to smile about

    Define Patience > > > The ability to refrain from slapping the crap out of someone who desperately deserves it!!
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    Netflix doesn't like hearing impaired people, not the captioning part, but read on my experience recently.

    I was searching hard left, right, up and down for Netflix contact number that deaf/hearing impaired people can use to voice complaints about their account. I had it for my son mostly, but he has moved out and I decided I do not watch enough TV to justify keeping Netflix. So I was able to cancel...
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    Introduction to a scientific type newbie, love science!

    Newbie here! I'm actually Jerry, Hard of Hearing in both ears, had severe fever at age 4 yrs old resulted 'burning of the nerves' on both cochleae. Was able to wear 2 strong hearing BTE aids ever since early 1960's and now down to only left side remaining. I reside in SW corner of Michigan in...