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  1. radioman

    Rechargeable hearing aids???

    i got new hearing aids from tru care that is rechargeable. so far it last for a day and half... they told me it will start to fail after 3 years so if i take it in just before 3 years id get a replacement battery. so far its been reliable, but will wait for a year or so to post back on this.
  2. radioman

    "Help! I've fallen and can't get up"

    hmm .. good thought.. when i was at deaf expo in las vegas couple years ago - there was a alerting device there which vibrates the in house person instead of slapping the floor or flashing lights. granted it doesnt alert via text but its a standalone product. i dont remember the name .. ill have...
  3. radioman

    Seeking for a serious relationship !!

    hope you can find what you are looking for. as we get older - it gets harder . believe me i know..
  4. radioman

    Need help finding caregivers for Deaf child, Fredericksburg VA

    you could just check for deaf parents with school age kids looking to pick up extra cash in the area.
  5. radioman

    Trust Purple / Z VRS?

    well -- having a sorenson number and z then i signed up for the new Z/purple promo that gives you new stuff - my sorenson vp quit working. ok fine - just call up sorenson and they gave me new number and voila vp works again . so you are not really stuck -- you just need to call and ask.
  6. radioman

    Audie Wants Me to Get $5200 Hearing Aids (Resound) Need Help, Recommendations etc

    when i tried resound (the lower priced ones) i absolutely hated them. this probably wont be the case for you as you getting the higher priced ones. the higher priced one i have no experience with but they have more features and more subbands for each frequency of sounds. I am more sensitive with...
  7. radioman

    Colorado medicaid- any state medicaid. how to pay for ha?

    pretty much any medicaid providers are limited in choices and yeh they can be rude.. not just in colorado - NYS too. ughhh . in the rochester area there are pretty much only 2 places you can go, otherwise you are stuck paying for them. and fyi - you can get a better HA if you pay for it...
  8. radioman

    Hearing vocal cord vibration in my head?

    yeah either tinnitus or you noticed you became hoarse. either way - with hoh like me it can be very disconcerting and annoying at times. there was one year where whats left of my hearing went to hellbasket and i could not stand the sound of my hearing aid. took me a year and half before i recovered.
  9. radioman

    Zvrs acquires purple

    doesnt matter if it once or twice. zvrs is making things right. you have got to admire a vrs company cleaning things up if they didnt think the customer base wasnt worth it. whats important is that things are going in the positive direction finally. look at the past -- we have come a long ways...
  10. radioman

    Purchasing equipment using hra/fsa?

    that is a very good question. i know that fsa really watches what you spend it on. they dont like odd prices and they dont like products that helps people with medical issues. in my opinion fsa is great to have but its such a hassle once they lock down your fsa card. submitting the paperwork to...
  11. radioman

    Zvrs acquires purple

    its finally time a vrs company buys out another against the giant. its time to give the giant a run for its money. authentic -- i cant tell if you are being sarcastic or what .. but pretty much all of VRS's gives out a platform of some kind to use their services with. i'm not gonna start...
  12. radioman

    Why do you hate video remote interpreting (vri)????

    its easy. many doctors see it as way save money and scheduling issues. BUT!!!! its rarely tested in real live situations. the doctors networks is SO POOR that the video is terrible. When you meet and setup - its shown in his office or front area . its not tested in patient rooms, hallways...
  13. radioman

    Medical model and cochlears

    i think perhaps your research would be better structured if you look at who pushes the CI the most? do they encourage ASL more then oralism ? look into ag bell who try to make deaf look "normal hearing". what you will find is shocking.
  14. radioman

    Allman brothers band member commits suicide in front of his wife

    for a man to do that must have been severely broken and its his way to show his wife what he really thinks of the world ..
  15. radioman

    I know basic asl, but would like to learn more

    why not go to college for ASL interpreting? we need more terps.
  16. radioman

    Beep beep

    i know how you feel. beeping is so annoying. i JUST WANNA GO BACK TO ANALOGS. they were 10 times better in sounds and features. the ONLY thing i liked about diital is they used whole lot less power so batteries lasted longer and they are a little bit more water resistance then older ones
  17. radioman

    Is coda really cool ?

    all of my kids are coda's . my oldest is going to college for becoming a terp. however this presented a situation that i am not sure how to feel about. he been to couple colleges now and all of his asl classmates thinks he so cool since he is the only student with deaf parents. i'm sorry...
  18. radioman

    I love him, but....!

    ask yourself - why is he talking like that. is this new or he done it since you first met him? what has changed? you or him ?
  19. radioman


    the molded boot is only to protect the release tab from flip up and breaking off. go ahead a cut it back to make it fit if it bothers you. it wont hurt to hurt in hard to deform the boot till it clicks. or you can just use any cat 5e cable you have or go to any computer store and pick one up or...
  20. radioman

    Whats your motivation to get up in the mornings?

    having work that i love to do. right now i'm booked thru winter for sure ...