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    My beautiful pics

    Cute pic
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    Am a new lady here, but wanna meet a good and nice man either deaf of hearing for dating

    Hello Henderson nice to meet you. I'm here for friendship
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    Deaf friend Application

  4. Kidblowfly22

    Deaf friend Application

    Hopefully when I do it again it won't be a virus to send all information that I not trying to do to everyone
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    Deaf friend Application

    I not really a hacker that get a virus from anyone else. Okay hmm.... Sounds weird that I got mine and it work. I redo it again without PDF or anything.
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    Deaf friend Application

    If you used the computer it should work. If you use the phone, you have to download the pdf app to view from there
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    Deaf friend Application

    Hold on let me fix the issue
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    Deaf friend Application

    Hello people around the world. I'm hiring for friend application. Read carefully before you submit or comment your answers on your reply Full name: Ages: Gender: Zodiac Sign: Text: Yes | No: ASL or ESL: Deaf or Hard of Hearing: Do you work: Yes | No State you live in: Three things you would...
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    New here

    You got it
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    Deaf/HOH lgbt life

    To me I'm okay that I can talk to any lgbtq as long we friend
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    Looking for deaf friends

    Hello. I remembered I took ASL college class in Missouri and easy A class that never failed. If you want to chat, feel welcome to talk to me
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    New here

    Hello. If you want to be friends. Hmu ASAP to socialize each other. Don't be afraid
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    Here I am

    Hello Mskellis91. Overall I like your bios about your personal experience u have going on with your daughter. Someday you find a good man one day. If you wanna make friends, I'm open to get to know even better to socially.
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    Introduce yourself !!

    Keep your head up Isabells.r14 one day you will be happy in your life when you fully understand. Ask anyone to take notes or request someone to get better understanding on all subject or even jobs out there. I want you to be successful on learning habit and etc to increase your education. If you...
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    Introduce yourself !!

    Hi. Have you went to hearing doctors to do volumes test to make sure it loud but not totally loud
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    Get to know me

    Hello y'all. Name Kendale or call me Ken whatever you prefer to say. I new on this website. So umm to me I'm 22 HOH person to make new friends. So if you wanna talk or text, feel free to ask me away to get to know each other. So about me... I'm gaming person that love games and talking new...