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    A real life Garfield!...

    Kinda creepy how cat's eyes are probably twice as big as her eyes... scary
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    I'm new!!! From Arkansas!!!!!

    Hey dancer, You're not gonna believe this but you and me have a lot of common. Actually, I believe we are sharing very similar life. Anyhow, just wanted to say hola to ya from AR, Alexander.
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    How is this possible?

    I'm agree with jillio.
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    Got Pet?

    Nice pictures. It brighten me's day :).
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    Google's Browser Arrives Tuesday

    go Firefox! Firefox 3.1 > Chrome Beta. :O (28% faster than Chrome right now)
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    Ack! S-O-S Help!

    Congratulation! *applaud*
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    Ack! S-O-S Help!

    Um, i didnt read all of your comment but hear what i think, assuming you're using Xp. It sounds like you have a corrupted system files (bad autoexe.bat, config.sys, and bootlog.txt and other thing) This may be window's update fault or a worm/virus. Failed Window update sometimes can do...
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    Introducing deafteen

    Oh i'll have fun. Dont u worry :fingersx:
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    Hi. I'm back!

    Hey mama welcome back to our AD club!
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    OMG so glad I found this site!

    Wow... amen to that, i feel ya! I will shall support our rights for our deaf, hard of hearing people and to those people who depends on CC.
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    Hello, My name is Juliet (NY)

    I will be fine. Its just that every time i think of special upcoming events, i get nervous for like little or no reason. I am still nervous now.
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    Welcome and have fun here
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    OMG so glad I found this site!

    Two words: DEAF POWER!
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    Hello, Hello Deaf World!

    Yah, lol it goes super fast if u use FF. I didnt test this in FF (my bad). But anyway it works normal in IE. Ill fix it later. Thx for telling me bout that. They need to laid off pointless questions. We're actually smarter and better than them when it come to driving a vehicle.
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    Hello, Hello Deaf World!

    yah but in the ending(transforming into weird object and explosion in space) someone made it for me. Im still working on it. Glad yah liked it.
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    OMG so glad I found this site!

    Sup Nitemare Indeed. Keep ranting on!
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    Introducing deafteen

    Thx Yall also thank u for a trolls spray can but i dont know whos the trolls.... lol
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    Introducing deafteen

    Hey guys, instead making a new thread to fill up server's disk space... ill just use my existing thread. Im making this post to let ya know that im back and start kicking and posting some thread. I've been busy with my school and temporary jobs. Im probally still am but got the time to...
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    I'm new...

    Hey chick, just chill out and take it easy... we're one big family here and we'll be glad to help ya. Happy valetine day to u.
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    Hello, My name is Juliet (NY)

    Indeed, thx u. Im gonna be 17 in next friday... im getting nervous bout that :s...