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    Best city/town for a Deaf person to live in?

    To rephrase what Barbaro said-- If you think it is bad being Deaf-Blind in Mormon-dominated Utah, think about what it would be like being a Deaf-Blind Mormon. They make life difficult for their own, too. And, no, I have never been Mormon, nor have I ever wanted to be one. I saw too much...
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    Going deaf in one ear randomly?

    I sometimes have that. I asked, and was told that it is part of the ear's adaptation to barometric pressure changes, and nothing to worry about.
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    Canada wants to start killing Children!

    A person with terminal COPD will be unable to sleep, because his breathing is intentional, rather than reflexive. The hospice treatment is to administer pain meds to reduce the suffering of gasping for breath (even with oxygen). Pain meds will eventually do the job.
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    Any Catholics?

    Captioning is spotty, but you do see it at times.
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    Any Catholics?

    Yes, there are Catholics here. You weren't around when the Mass was in Latin, then. Or never went to a Mass in another language. I went to Mass in an unfamiliar parish this weekend, and sat further back, and the lector read too fast. Good that I had a missalette. Sometimes it is sad when...
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    How to communicate with DEAF mother-in-law. PLEASE HELP!!!

    Probably because she is sick and tired of accommodating to hearing culture. Just accept her for who she is. I was feeling hurt at the temper tantrums of a stroke victim I am trying to help. Once I discovered that the temper tantrums are a symptom of high blood pressure, there is no hurt.
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    Can anyone relate??

    I have this frequently with my son on the phone. I remind him that it is his fault/responsibility. "Rephrase it with different words, speak more slowly and with your mouth right up next to the microphone." He takes that responsibility without complaint. Maybe I learned from my father--...
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    Hearing Aid's Channels Discussion

    I have three. Regular, fan suppression, and t-coil. I got frustrated with the fan suppression mode, so now I listen to TV and computer with an audio cable and neckloop. The audio cable is so long I could take a nap or sit on the toilet while listening.
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    Hello , I am new here and would like to make some friend and get some urgent advice

    Your insurance is more likely to cover HA's if you go to a health clinic. You will get better service through the health clinic because audiologists there are better qualified, especially for severe losses. Independent retailers are suitable for simple milder losses, like age-related hearing loss.
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    Hello , I am new here and would like to make some friend and get some urgent advice

    Not never. Just occasionally. You will have better luck with audiologists connected with medical clinics, especially if your hearing is bad enough to end up here.
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    Brands that need the least repairs or have good warranties

    I don't have problems with wax coating the tubing. But I am a q-tip addict.
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    Brands that need the least repairs or have good warranties

    I have a piece of nylon fishline. Put a few knots in it, seems to do the job. Recent discovery. I also have a baby nose syringe, to clean it with a puff of air.
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    Brands that need the least repairs or have good warranties

    The clinic I go to has exclusive contract with Starkey, probably because of proximity. I have had better luck with them than my previous. With the Resounds, I had multiple replacements of battery holders. My previous to that were ugly full-shell ITE by Siemens. Plackers are disposable...
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    My new eBike > Yuba Sweet Curry

    My brother lives in Sonoma County.
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    Access to ASL terps in California prisons, and elsewhere. People held responsible for the failure of the system.
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    Are there any gardener's in the house?

    More enjoyable than exercise for the sake of exercise. Physical therapy assignments are BORING! I need a dog to ease my anxieties about night-time, but plants can be my pets for now.
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    Are there any gardener's in the house?

    OK. Thanks. I will leave the cherry tomato in the planter, then, but water it frequently. My gardening activities are definitely the mild physical activity I need, so long as I stay off my knees as much as possible. And I am aware of split tomatoes, although I would imagine that cherry...
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    Are there any gardener's in the house?

    Interesting information. I live in an apartment, but they were kind enough to plow up a garden spot for me last spring. It is the size of a single bed. I got sick last spring, shortly after they plowed it up, but we rescued it with yard clippings on top of newspaper, and planted squash. The...
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    Financial Aid for Hearing Aids?

    Vocational Rehabilitation