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    Software TTY App??

    Does anyone know if T-Mobile IP Relay service is only for T-mobile Subscribers? It is accessible with a Braille device I use and am curious of others experiences?
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    ASL Zoom Class

    I would love to, but I am low vision. The deaf blind department of the Texas workforce commission is supposed to be help me with that, but I think they’re still under some Covid restrictions .y caseworker suggested I try the Deaf action center but idk if they would get completely frustrated with...
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    Do deaf people wish hearing people would learn sign language?

    I do. Lol but I’m just getting services to learn myself. They’ve tried lip reading and I can…. Somewhat, but it’s spotty.
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    My name is Rachael. I am hard of hearing and low vision as well. Born prematurely at 26 weeks, I have had low vision my whole life. Hearing worsened gradually over time. I wear hearing aids and like inch thick glasses to see about three feet clearly. Both are hit and miss usability. I use...
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    Would love to connect with the hard of hearing members.

    Hello! How are you? My name is Rachael. I have some hearing left, It’s hit or miss though… I am also low vision so that’s fun LOL. I’m stuck in Texas. Only member of my family which either disability. Premature born at 26 weeks so hearing loss has been a gradual process. I’d love to chat if you...