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  1. RIT/NTIDstudent

    Hearing woman from NYC

    That's true that most of people cannot respect ASL, because they don't understand ASL as same as thousands of people speak international languages. America is a country that's for English language, but ASL does not have a seperate country. We know that sign language is obviously the poorest...
  2. RIT/NTIDstudent

    Hello from N. Nv

    Ok, cool. What's about the population of deaf students in WNC?
  3. RIT/NTIDstudent

    Rochester, NY-Want to Meet Deaf People

    Hi, It's guy. I'm a student of RIT/NTID in Rochester, NY. I'm the person who is looking for ASL off-campus roommate or roommates. If you seek roommate in your apartment or in my apartment, feel free to contact me in my text message: (585) 360-3369 I've also facebook profile. My name is...
  4. RIT/NTIDstudent

    Hello from N. Nv

    Hi, are you a student of WNC in Nevada? I lived in Reno, Nevada about seven months. I suffered from lonely, because I found no people who know ASL. Recently, I returned in my city Rochester, New York. I miss Nevada which is very nice US state. What's about deaf community in WNC or in your city...