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  1. MandyQueue

    Students, Your questions answered here.

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question. I am looking at colleges and narrowed it down to McDaniel College and Saint Francis University in Loreto PA. Does anyone have any knowledge/experience with these schools and their deaf education programs? How respected are these...
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    My Tumblr

    I'm tropical-giraffes! I'll follow you.
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    Fellow Students: Do You Get "Stuck" In ASL?

    I was doing an activity in Latin and I couldn't think of the word so I signed it instead. And then today in history we had to fill a sheet out and I started signing to myself.
  4. MandyQueue

    First ASL class!

    It is a class, yes. We have a bunch of rectangular tables with four people per table, and our teacher teaches is a few signs (7 or eight) then we turn to our partners and sign questions and things from the dialogue on the handouts the instructor provides. There are two more advanced members...
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    Hi Rachel! My dad lived in Hapan when he was really young, he loved it. Welcome to AllDeaf!
  6. MandyQueue

    First ASL class!

    The class was AWESOME! I learned a lot, I wish it was longer. I can't wait until next time. It was so much fun. Being in this forum helped a lot when she talked about deaf culture.
  7. MandyQueue

    First ASL class!

    All I know is the location-a library and the instructors name-Susie Gershowitz. The class is two hours long once a week for five weeks. Thanks, I'll be sure to pack those.
  8. MandyQueue

    First ASL class!

    My first class is tomorrow. I'm a little nervous, since I've never been to one before. Is there anything I should be doing to prepare? It's a beginner class. I hope everything goes well, I'm excited to be learning with real people instead if books or the Internet. Is there anything I should...
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    How do you sign...

    Thank you!
  10. MandyQueue

    How do you sign...

    What is the sign for sea turtle?
  11. MandyQueue

    Last movie(s) you purchased?

    Lords of Dogtown? LOVE that movie! My brother and I grew up on that film, and Endless Summer. The last film we bought was Flight (with Denzel Washington). My mom didnt like it, she said it needs more action and less sex.
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    Hi~ I'm new here :)

    Hi! I'm Mandy. What's up?
  13. MandyQueue

    15-Pound Baby Doing Well After Scary Birth

    Gosh, that must have been a tough delivery! I hope he's ok now!
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  15. MandyQueue

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Little man, a documentary about two lesbians who have a child via surrogate that is 100 days (3 1/2 months) premature.
  16. MandyQueue

    ASL only!!!

    Syntax me not good. But me trying learn my best. ☺
  17. MandyQueue

    Paleo Diet - Have you tried this?

    My teacher is doing paleo for her wedding. Gosh it's really tough! But she makes it sound fun.
  18. MandyQueue

    ASL Help!

    Marlee signs and ASL PRO are good signing apps.
  19. MandyQueue

    Would you make a bucket list?

    ^makes sense. I hate being a burden to my family. I felt horrible when they had to take care of me and my brother was just kind of left there. I'm glad he understood and doesn't hate me. :)