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    woman dies after sex with dog

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    Speech/Accent in HOH Late Deafened/born deaf

    From what I am told my speech has started to change but I'm not sure if its from the lack of hearing myself or more of a confidence thing... I get nervous using my voice, I'm not comfortable talking when I can't hear myself its still strange for me
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    They are not doing it this year :(
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    Adjustment to late onset deafness

    Ya know I thought I was at stage 7... but this week I feel like I've really only just hit stage 4 or maybe I back tracked? Struggling...
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    :wave: Hi ash
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    Driving alerting devices

    Even when I had my hearing I depended solely on my eyes, I didn't listen for cars next to me before I switched lanes I looked for cars and even when I heard sirens I had to look to see where they were coming from So nope don't need any devices with or without my hearing....
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    We have many advantages of being deaf

    karaoke night torture is no more!! (no offense to the tone deaf)
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    Don't wear ultra powered hearing aids too often!!!

    Interesting theory, funny thing is audiologists tell you its the opposite... I was told by not forcing my daughter to wear hers it would cause her hearing to get worse yet it didn't now that she is wearing them again they say her hearing nerve is dying, maybe your on to something
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    ASL teacher qualifications?

    I have yet to find one that is like that, and I even told her that anyone I would suggest would be patient and fun, and maybe I could ask around and find someone who has experience with autism :) Will wait and see we set up a meeting for tomorrow using an online chat room so I could talk to all...
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    What did you do that was "Green" today?

    I personally did nothing but my daughters started a recycle bin :) and then gave me a huge lecture on how the system would work
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    ASL teacher qualifications?

    No they didn't, it was more we would prefer you... I think its about comfort level and maybe feel I won't judge them. You most parents when they feel like they messed up feel that everyone is judging them, I could be wrong but thats the feeling I get
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    ASL teacher qualifications?

    That seems to be more about hearing teaching deaf children so not quite what I am looking for, but thank you :)
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    ASL teacher qualifications?

    I actually did let them know I could refer them to someone who would be more than qualified I have a pretty long list of people I could ask. I even told her I have no life and would love top volunteer this summer and I csn help them practice during that time while also helping with games and...
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    ASL teacher qualifications?

    Ok I received a few complaints about not putting the reason for the post, and I agree with their points so the reason: First a little background my daughter was born deaf and I lost my hearing after due to health after she was born due to being sick my sign skills are not superb to say the...
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    ASL teacher qualifications?

    Thanks for the responses :) @ mountain man that is what happened with me I was taught SEE for a year and a half and then had to transition to ASL very confusing
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    What do you ♥ today?

    I ❤ the way my girls view the world... wish I could see things the way they do ❥❥❥❥
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    Made a new addition to my profile

    well my moms dad is cherokee and my dad and his family are a ottawa and Ojibway (also known as chippewa) Not sure if the spelling is correct. I must point out I was born with blonde hair and green eyes, I have come to the conclusion that I was most likely abducted from walmart.... and paternal...
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    ASL teacher qualifications?

    because I worry it will turn this into a debate rather then getting unbiased opinions you know how easily that can happen lol
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    ASL teacher qualifications?

    Ok so first off this is not for an asl class or paper of any kind. I want to know what you feel and ASL teachers ability, or skill level should be. What knowledge should they have of the language and culture when educating young children and their families basic sign language. Can you be...
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    What are you thinking about? Part IV

    Seriously wanting a reverse CI (in potts words an Explant) Ha's only purpose is making the ringing chill.... hate the Ha's but my mind is not wired to deal with the RINGING constant ringing means no sleep and I need sleep, I can't do my homework or read with the ringing... Don't want the Ha's...