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    Byrdie Situation UPDATE!

    The news of Byrdie's death hit me like a brick in the head yesterday, now this, I just feel such a fool, I cannot believe someone like Byrdie would actually do something like this...All I want to know is why?... :(
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    Tomorrow is the day

    Awesome, I'm glad everything went well!
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    Should American voters care what the world thinks about the presidential candidates?

    I voted "Yes. It may not change the way I vote, but I'd like to know how the world views us."
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    Standoff....My sister's boyfriend!

    Give her a hug for me.
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    Wild kittens

    Instructions: Wild Kittens Taming Feral Cats and Wild Kittens How to tame wild kittens
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    Wild kittens

    Yes, I've done it before but it took several weeks for the kitten to come around. I placed the canned food near the hole where the wild kittens/cats were running in and out of the barn. It sort of look like a shed to me. but anyways I was able to grab one kitten after she approached near where...
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    Picture of Your Significant Other

    Aww how cute.
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    Picture of Your Significant Other

    Aww, when was that picture taken Jeepie?
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    Picture of Your Significant Other

    Looks like he saying " You want this one sweetie or ME?" :giggle:
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    What is your favorite colors?

    Baby blue
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    Standoff....My sister's boyfriend!

    Oh, wow. :-o What did your sister say about all of this?
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    Why I'm going to teach my son ASL....

    I don't wanna jump your case but someone once mentioned on this forum that he/she prefers us to use "children with CI" instead of "CI child/kid". :shrug:
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    Cued Speech: self-taught?

    From my experiences with Cued Speech, I remember it spells out letter by letter through lip reading and hand movement. I learned a whole lot of new words. It also helps me learned to read quickly and easier. It was a challenge for me to see if it works or not and I'm glad I had the...
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    How do you cope with Separation/Divorce?

    I've heard of this before, do I know you? you sound like someone I once knew btw this is a great advice!
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    What is your race skin?

    Caucasian (white)
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    Why I'm going to teach my son ASL....

    Well said, couldn't agree with you more :gpost:.. Ignorance comes from both sides- hearing and deaf, and also I've seen some would criticize a person's signing skills by saying she/he needs more practices or their signs are lousy blah blah etc. Fresh2Deaf--Hold your head high and know that...
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    Hearing person trying to understand

    Wow, thanks Bottesinie. :D
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    Hearing person trying to understand

    Hello Abby, Your dog is really cute, I tried to adopt a deaf cat from Craigslist, but unfortunately the owner said that the deaf cat is trying out a new home to see if he can get along with a new family and a dog, and if it doesn't work out, she'll let me know, so we will see how it goes...
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    Prayers and good thoughts for a friend are needed

    I'll keep your friend and his family in my prayers.
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    My daughter, Emma.

    I know Jiro, I wish it was that simple.