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  1. Maddie77

    I am hearing looking to meet friends

    Hi Mindy, I'd love to be friends! What are some of your interests??
  2. Maddie77

    ASL practice friends?

    Hi all, new to this group, would anyone be interested in chatting via zoom or skype or even snapchat videos occasionally to practice ASL? I used to use ASL all the time when I worked in a D/HH classroom, but it has been over a year since then and I've lost a lot of my skills, I want to relearn...
  3. Maddie77

    Looking for a Deaf/HoH Friend to learn with :)

    Hi Maddie, I'm also Maddie and I'm hearing but I'd also love a practice buddy or maybe to form a group of people here for ASL! I would say I have moderate-intermediate skills but it's been a while since I used sign regularly. I want to get back into it because it's such an amazing language!