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  1. candybrowneyes

    Dropping by to say hello!

    I had actually came on to see if I could find an old photo of my audiogram from ions ago. Only to find that tiny pic isn’t a thing anymore. So they aren’t there! Always nice to see that Alex hasn’t burned the place down either. Hope everyone is well. New and old members, and all my close...
  2. candybrowneyes

    What has happened to all the ad members? :(

    Hey you!! Long time! Lol I’m very well thanks love! How is everything around here? How are you?
  3. candybrowneyes

    What has happened to all the ad members? :(

    Peeks in :wave::wave:
  4. candybrowneyes

    Audiograms - can anyone help?

    I never understand why people have a hard time understanding their audiograms considering your Audiologist explains it to you. I have had many tests with AT LEAST 3 different Audiologists, each of them have explained the audiogram to me, in depth and what each one meant and why things were the...
  5. candybrowneyes

    Hi :)

    Hey there :). Just living life, not online very much aside from Facebook and for school :) hope you are well.
  6. candybrowneyes

    Hi :)

    :wave: Figured I'd pop on and say hello :)
  7. candybrowneyes


    I'm not even sure how to begin this, so I'll just come out with it. Over the last few months I have debated giving up my mod status here on AD. But I think now is definitely the right time to do so. When I came here, everyone here saved me... You all helped me learn and grow in my new life as...
  8. candybrowneyes

    Why are there so few deaf hang outs online?

    I don't need a chat room when we have email, Facebook, Skype and vp.... And places like this forum, we meet people in these places and become friends.. Chat rooms were big in the early 2000's but not so much now.
  9. candybrowneyes

    Heyyy! [= welcome to my story.

    I played back row in volleyball :) welcome to AD :)
  10. candybrowneyes

    Why are there so few deaf hang outs online?

    Ummm,:shock: I can assure you that "we" don't do this all day!
  11. candybrowneyes

    lots of feedback with hearing aids

    Well I know, I wasn't going to cake it on, lol Ty :giggle:
  12. candybrowneyes

    lots of feedback with hearing aids

    thanks for this I have new ear molds that really have irritated my ears but they fit fine, these are hard in the ear type molds, not like my soft ones I had before :/ ill try the neosporin
  13. candybrowneyes

    Medical question

    The Op definitely needs to be a little more clear with the question. if insurance not covering hearing aids is a barrier than yes... my insurance says hearing aids are cosmetic, so they wont pay for them... not sure what you can do as a student to help any of that?
  14. candybrowneyes

    Love or hate Valentine's Day?

    hard for you? lol its February and there is snow in Chicago? surprise surprise hahahaa you new to Chicago? Last year at this time there was over 2 feet of snow in Chicago, you should be happy there isnt right now
  15. candybrowneyes


    FF, they have reasonably priced batteries at, I get all my hearing aid batteries there, all kinds even for cochlear :)
  16. candybrowneyes

    Hello everyone xXx

    Yeah, but it was so basic... Took like 5 minutes, everyone took them. They would call like 5 kids at a time and when you finished we went back with a slip calling the next 5...
  17. candybrowneyes

    Hello everyone xXx

    When I was a kid I remember having a generic type hearing test. Put the ear things on and raise the hand on the side u hear the beep... I think it was just a general type test. But it's not like the tests you receive from a professional audiologist
  18. candybrowneyes

    New hearing aids and recent audiogram :)

    It's because it's the mapping range for the hearing aids. Basically it's flipped upside down. The higher on this one when you are looking at it, the more gain was going into it. If you were to turn it upside down most of my hearing loss range is between 70 and 90 on most frequencies... Give or...
  19. candybrowneyes

    Hello everyone xXx

    Also I realize you have been referred by the school audiologist but it has been in my experience that they show you the tests and explain what they mean, they don't tell you, you simply fail. That's why I made the comment about passing it. What's failing? Cause he doesn't hear something? What...
  20. candybrowneyes

    Hello everyone xXx

    THIS. ^^^^^^^^^^ This is what I'm trying to figure out as well, the op is asking fornhelp and I'm trying to tell her what she needs to do. Seriously, screw what to school is saying to you and find your own audiologist! I don't want to sound mean but if you are asking us what to do, I'm...