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  1. soutthpaw

    Smartwatch recommendations?

    The problem I had with the android wear and galaxy gear is that I need the screen and second hand and backlight to stay on for 15-30 seconds for taking pulses and counting respiration rate etc. The pebble OS is the only one I found that will do this. backlight does not stay on that long byt...
  2. soutthpaw

    Smartwatch recommendations?

    I tried the Huawei smart watch but it had a weak vibration. I ended up getting the pebble time from amazon for about $80 it has an always on watchface that is easy to see in sunlight, its a 64 color eink display. It also has a pretty strong vibration. battery lasts a week instead of a day...
  3. soutthpaw

    Has anybody liked their CIs?

    It's not some kind of secret, just say that AB seems to work the best for music.... Why tiptoe around the issue. the forum is here for information and people to learn.. I was just at the Cochlear meeting locally and I mentioned that when someone asked and the Audiologist even agreed and...
  4. soutthpaw

    Cochlear, c-level user adjustment now approved in usa

    I was told by audiologist that the C-level or max volume setting that you can control in advanced settings outside of the USA has now been FDA approved for use in the USA. Base and Treble control are not yet approved for USA. accessed via remote in advanced mode
  5. soutthpaw

    Kanso - thoughts?

    Internally, the Kanso and N6 are identical processors
  6. soutthpaw

    Is There Any Way To Reduce Strain On My Ear?

    Cochlear now has a completely off the ear CI processor that is all contained in the magnet. called the Kanso, Looks pretty cool, May get those next time around 4+ years from now. hopefully they will have an even smaller one by then...
  7. soutthpaw

    Problems with Advanced Bionics Naida CI

    You all should really consider filing complaints with the FDA. If they get multiple complaints, they will look into this. The benefit is if they determine there is a design flaw they are more likely to make AB replace the processors even if yours dont fail or if they are out of warranty...
  8. soutthpaw

    Confused about a ci or keeping hearing aids?

    agree with doing speech discrimination test. But looks like you get good benefit from hearing aids. I would definitely not want CI if I had an aided audiogram like yours . if your aided looked like your unaided audiogram, then yes, go for a CI
  9. soutthpaw

    Cochlear and resound wireless accessories interchangeable

    I was at the local Cochlear event yesterday and the audiologist/Cochlear rep told us that the two brands are interchangeable. She said that the ReSound accessories are often available cheaper. such as the Mini Mic which is called the Milti Mic by ReSound. I am going to check with the audi...
  10. soutthpaw

    Cochlear mini-mic 2

    So I just went to the cochlear community night locally and found out that there was a mini mic2 and and amini mic 2+ the 2+ has the 3.5 jack, the 2 didn't
  11. soutthpaw

    The Walking Dead

    I missed the whole last season due to not having cable but my roommate steamed the season premiere from their cable account. So I watched it. This Negan character is so flat. no depth to the character at all. he is just a killer with no conscience and a huge ego. At least the governor and...
  12. soutthpaw

    People Who See Your Hearing Device In Public And Start Signing

    Great story, the child is actually experiencing a cognitive development moment. She is trying to assimilate an accommodate a New experience into her existing schema. Reminds me of a funny story. when my ex and I were both teaching at a Deaf school, one of her students found out that I was her...
  13. soutthpaw

    Smartwatch recommendations?

    I never feel my android phone vibrate when I have a message, call, notification. would like to get a smartwatch that has strong vibration so I don't miss the call, message etc. Anyone have experience with these and can recommend an affordable one either new or used via ebay etc. I have no...
  14. soutthpaw

    Is There Any Way To Reduce Strain On My Ear?

    you are probably adding pressure, not weight. glasses and a CI hook are pretty wide and probably pushing your ear outwards thus increasing sideways pressure if you have them side by side.
  15. soutthpaw

    Has anybody liked their CIs?

    I've had CI for 12 years and bilateral for 9 years. Was in a bilateral research study for several years at Cochlear America's Denver HQ. have had over 250 different maps, though many of those were for a week or two between research appointments. I had a progressive loss and became profoundly...
  16. soutthpaw

    People Who See Your Hearing Device In Public And Start Signing

    Rarely use my CI, but I have had people at stores sign to me when i start to write my order etc. I don't mind signing with them, my only pet peeve is when they are Damn JW and all of a sudden want to save me.
  17. soutthpaw

    No Interpreter For Two Months For School!

    I see you got one, but this applies to everyone. before you go all lawyering up, call the director of special ed (or have your parent do it) and tell them you need an ASL interpreter and if its not in your IEP request a meeting to modify your IEP. This is exactly what the lawyer will tell...
  18. soutthpaw

    Has anybody liked their CIs?

    I love that mine are facilitating my ability to go back to school and get a good career. I will have to use them all the time at work after I graduate and get a job, BUT I hate them otherwise and only use them when I have to when stuck in a hearing work/school world. I will be taking them off at...
  19. soutthpaw

    Is There Any Way To Reduce Strain On My Ear?

    I have that same issue, that notch between my ear and skull is really sensitive, a day using the CI hook and i have to go 3 days without for it not to be sore again. I just use earmolds with my CI to hold them up off the top of my ear... That is about the only thing you can do.
  20. soutthpaw

    Baha, Ci, Which One? Audi Has Me Confused!

    BAHA is for Conduction losses, CI is for sensioneural losses. If you have both issues, I would grill the Dr on realistic gains from the stapes surgery