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  1. Flowers850

    Hello old and new deaf/hoh friends :)

    It been awhile since I've been back on here i want say hello and I'm Amanda from colorado I'm currently living in New mexico to finish my studies, deaf single mom of 3, and hoping to chat with single moms and dads as friends :)
  2. Flowers850

    Where are you from?

  3. Flowers850

    Hello again :)

    Just want to say hello again it been awhile since I've been back and relearn use this site anyway my name Amanda from Colorado Sorry not good talking about myself there's info about me in my profile and hope to meet new/old newbie have a good day and stay safe
  4. Flowers850

    Long time back on all deaf :)

    Long time back on all deaf :)
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  6. Flowers850

    Fixing my profile...

    Fixing my profile...
  7. Flowers850

    Looking to make friends

    Hello I'm Amanda I'm sahm mom of 3 looking to make friends :)
  8. Flowers850

    Hello :)

    Hello everyone, I'm Amanda I'm 34 deaf and I'm new here to alldeaf site :)