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  1. Frisky Feline

    Has anyone read this new study?

    it is a very risk for small kids who receives CI that would likely have struggles to hear since CI has limited of numbers of channels than hearing people. my hub did have a hard time growing up without ASL yet he can speak very well at this time he had HA. so he just got a CI when he was in...
  2. Frisky Feline

    Kanso - thoughts?

    is Kanso CI?
  3. Frisky Feline

    How Do I Get Into Deaf Culture?

    lol deaf club is secret? NAH
  4. Frisky Feline

    Sad news

    :(. I learned about her passing on Facebook. She will be missed .
  5. Frisky Feline

    If you get bullied at school or work

    Thinking about being a negative vibes that won't get you to anywhere.. Think positive and have faith.
  6. Frisky Feline

    New To The Deaf Community

    I think that is SO great! Some people who have hearing loss and rather learn ASL in order to have a 100 percent of carrying a conversation without asking what?
  7. Frisky Feline

    Pics of you - Part V

    cute pictures!
  8. Frisky Feline

    New To The Deaf Community

    Welcome. Glad you are willing to learn ASL and you like it..
  9. Frisky Feline

    Losing Hope

    Yea my hub was born profoundly Deaf. He started having bad tinnitus since he was a very young toddler. He is stuck with tinnitus for 24/7 for the rest of his life. Indeed, its very hard to deal with the tinnitus issue. Oh well.
  10. Frisky Feline

    Losing Hope

    Welcome. I wish I couldn't give you any helpful information. Some tips that mentioned, seeking for a support group or kind of counseling. :? Maybe, just stick it around here, and read everything here in this forum. Checking facebook, and look for Deaf and Hard of Hearing that will lead you...
  11. Frisky Feline

    For Those With A Ci

    Yeah we wish if it were FREE. sure.. we have many priority things to do with the new roofing, two teen kids' need, many bills are coming up and everything. My hub is trying to take care of the expensive CI thingy. So that's life.
  12. Frisky Feline

    For Those With A Ci

    He had HA for years and was put in his work thingy. So he wont forget HA before he rushes off to work every morning.. Now he has to put the charger on the safe place where cats or any other stuffs would not be in the way. SO he sometimes forgets to put the batteries on to the charger then he...
  13. Frisky Feline

    For Those With A Ci

    He had already talked with Audi about it. So he still uses the rechargeable batteries every night. So it's really annoying.
  14. Frisky Feline

    For Those With A Ci

    oh I didn't know that you got a CI already.. Cool. He did see audi last few months ago. I ll tell him about it. thanks
  15. Frisky Feline

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    Sadly, I dropped off my son on his first day of school, and it's his last year of middle school for this year! yay! hahah My daughter will be her first day of school tomorrow. :)
  16. Frisky Feline

    For Those With A Ci

    my hub put the recharger battery every night. He hates it that the battery life tend to be short.
  17. Frisky Feline

    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    I am so HUNGRY! I am looking forward to eat something so greased/fried food at the NY state fair in an hour. YUMMY :drool:
  18. Frisky Feline

    Cool T-shirt Thread

    Id like to have one like this in red shirt. lol
  19. Frisky Feline

    Gino Bartali : The Hero Cyclist.

    there are more people who had good heart. I know couple of movies do have it about people, but not all.