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  1. DDU

    how do you sign pet names for your bf/gf etc?

    oh wow our great white north teacher with all the answers. come on. lets see something people will actually read
  2. DDU

    Do you think the Phonak Nadia is comparable to the Oction Sumo?

    get your facts right anij. something wrong with your thinking
  3. DDU

    Marry out of U.S

    $5000 is for the us just to start. canada s different. people working the system in vancouver and toronto pay upwards of $20,000 just to marry a canadian. the girl i knew in vancouver got her divorce as soon as her 3 years were up
  4. DDU

    how do you sign pet names for your bf/gf etc?

    dont like it?? stick me on your ignore list. bat
  5. DDU

    Gunman @ Florida School Meeting

    she should have taken krav maga. most effect training in the least time
  6. DDU

    did you notice it change my avarar :)

    the sky is falling, the sky is falling
  7. DDU

    WiFi type n or g?

    employee discounts
  8. DDU

    Break Up still difficult time

    drink more beer
  9. DDU

    Is this true about Gallaudet?

    think about this. the same president of gally was president at NTID. and what was NTID ?? a AOS school. on a level with a junior college. if the present president of NTID could not get NTID back to AAS at least then Gally has no hope. when will Gally become an AOS college? didn't they have...
  10. DDU

    Gunman @ Florida School Meeting

    me? i would look for a chance to go after him. don't want to die under a desk. the lady with the handbag had the right idea, just the wrong method
  11. DDU

    Student sets fire to himself at school :(

    i knew a friends husband that did the same. he was bipolar and off his meds. what goes on inside a persons head can drive people to do anything to quiet the voices. really destroys a family
  12. DDU

    looking for apartment in boston

    who ? moi ?
  13. DDU

    looking for apartment in boston

    no idea of her full name. and by the way, she is a stalkable babe. worth the night in jail
  14. DDU

    how do you sign pet names for your bf/gf etc?

    since it is for your BF you can copy the subway ad signs-- for foot long--- or am i in error?
  15. DDU

    looking for apartment in boston

    check in with shelia02. she lives right there. she would love , love, love to have a deaf roomie who can teach her ASL. better hurry and PM her matajan
  16. DDU


    bunch of games had players losing their helmets. they are fined for not strapping them on so that's not a plm. it's their hours long , ubber expensive do's. next thing they will be adding an emergency bag to keep their $100,000 diamond earrings safe. i have read where a player or 2 have lost...
  17. DDU


    helmet pops off. player pats hair then puts on helmet. duh.
  18. DDU


    minority rules !!
  19. DDU

    Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With Boy

    a male teach can take advantage of a school girl. that's a given.but any smart school guy will use a teach and they cry rape if his parents complain.
  20. DDU

    Pics of you - Part V

    ah ha. the tits look familiar to you dixie?