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  1. JanatheShort

    Yo Yo Lets Fist Pump!!

    We need a fist bump icon on here.
  2. JanatheShort

    another good 'for frisky pics'

    Ohhhhhh the big cats are beautiful!!!!!!!! I always loved black panthers the best.
  3. JanatheShort

    Indiana Public Meetings?

    Just wanted to see if anyone else from AD was going to the Public Meeting being held tomorrow about the new Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education? It's at 6:00PM-8:00PM at: Indiana Government Center South Conference Center 402 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46204 All the...
  4. JanatheShort

    Getting help from friends.

    Not to be judgemental, but your group of friends don't really sound like friends at all. You said: "Whenever confronted with having to deal with someone else's problems, a lot of people I know shy away and turn their backs on me in an instant, because they want nothing to do about it."...
  5. JanatheShort

    New Member from IN

    And trees!!! LOL Definately need more trees and tractors. (I'm from Terre Haute!)
  6. JanatheShort

    Can we switch HoH son's communication mode now?

    Does your son have some other type of disability? If not, why do they think a special education classroom is the place for him?
  7. JanatheShort

    Turning off the Voice?

    LOL I am a completely auditory learner. Actually LOOKING at things around me is really challening for me... it will be interesting to see how learning a visual language will change that.
  8. JanatheShort

    Celebrity apprentice and oral v ASL issues

    There is a book out there about How to Win Friends and Influence People, or something like htat. I heard it's really good.
  9. JanatheShort

    Turning off the Voice?

    Are there any websites that help with learning syntax of ASL? I have only seen some that focus more on vocabulary...
  10. JanatheShort

    Turning off the Voice?

    Yeah, that's what I'm kinda trying to do, it's just really really REALLY hard. I'm not a visual person at all. Oh well, I think with time maybe I will learn?
  11. JanatheShort

    Turning off the Voice?

    Okay, this may be my most bizarre question, ever. But, here it goes. I want to learn ASL. Normally when I try to learn a language, I immerse myself in the language. I try to even think in that language. I am having a real problem with that, however, when it comes to ASL. I try to watch...
  12. JanatheShort

    Do I need to go to Church???

    I think maybe you and your girlfriend should have a good talk about religion and what it means to you, and what you will do in the future if you have different religious beliefs. It's not fair for her to pressure you to join her church. It's okay for her to want you to have the same religion...
  13. JanatheShort

    Retinal Implants?

    I have wondered for a while how you were able to see what others were saying... Thanks for explaining it to me!
  14. JanatheShort

    How are you feeling today?....

    Because I'm ADHD, no one believes me when I say I'm sick. When other people are lethargic from a sickness, I'm so calm that I'm... normal! LOL To me it's lethargic, but to others I'm just like what they are on a normal day. That, or I'm still hyper, but it's more of a "hyper hyper hyper hyper...
  15. JanatheShort

    Retinal Implants?

    Botti, can I ask you something? Can you see enough to see other people when they sign or to read their lips when they speak? I don't know how much or how little you can or can't see.
  16. JanatheShort


    It's a place where you review the books you read and your friends can see what you want to read, what you are reading, and your comments about what you have read. You should give it a try!
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    Hey anyone have an account on Goodreads? I'd love to make some new friends there so I can see some more good books to read!!! My screenname is JanatheShort there too. Feel free to add me! :wave:
  18. JanatheShort

    World of Warcraft Deaf, hoh, interpeters player recuiting

    Anyone on Eldre'Thalas? I am in a guild on there, it's not a deaf guild but if you are already on the server and just looking for a friendly and casual leveling guild that doesn't use Vent, we pretty much rock. PM me and I will give you info, or just PM me if you want a friend to chat with...
  19. JanatheShort

    Retinal Implants?

    WOW that's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. JanatheShort

    Say vs Hearing in ASL?

    Thanks guys! Okay, that makes sense. I learned the sign for "say" when I tried to participate in a signing choir at church... we used the index finger rolling in front of the lips. Then I saw the same sign in the Bravo video being used for "hearing" and I was confused.