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  1. farewell65

    What sport you think should be banned in U.S?

    sorry if I offended to people... Football should be banned because football is boring and long while rugby is more fun and pace game.
  2. farewell65

    Who a fan of WWE

    I am fan of WWE! I met Roman 2 days ago at Washington Auto Show, hes nice guy and big!
  3. farewell65

    Deaf Dating Sites?

    signed up few deaf dating sites and nothing work for me
  4. farewell65

    Where are you from?

    Washington, DC
  5. farewell65

    XMas GIFTs for the GUYS

    rugby jersey
  6. farewell65

    NFL 2012-2013 Talk

    still waiting for Reid gone and EagLOLes suck!
  7. farewell65

    NFL 2012-2013 Talk

    I am still waiting for Reid to be fired!
  8. farewell65

    Pics of you - Part V

    Last Sunday, I played rugby for All Deaf Rugby Football Club (yea you read it right, there is first and only one all deaf rugby team in USA!) I played #1 (loosehead prop) and we lost to Washington Old Boys, the score is 33-14 but what a great experience and fun for me to play rugby! Enjoy the pics!
  9. farewell65

    Pics of you - Part V

    Thanks! :)
  10. farewell65

    Pics of you - Part V

    taken few weeks ago during vacation
  11. farewell65

    Favourite TV Shows....

    random/no order Jersey Shore Teen Mom 2 (must watch Jenelle's mom yell all the time to Jenelle) Prison Break Storage Wars Shipping Wars Family Guy hmm there few more I forget or no longer on TV like Nitro Circus, Jackass, Viva La Bam and more
  12. farewell65

    NFL 2012-2013 Talk

    Lets go Eagles! Beat Steelers!
  13. farewell65

    NFL 2012-2013 Talk

    whew what a relief that Eagles beat Giants or Gnats or Ginas
  14. farewell65

    What was the last movie you watched?

    few hours ago I finished watching Hot Rod, I dont know what is next one
  15. farewell65

    Last movie(s) you purchased?

    Dont remembered which movies last time I buy maybe 127 hours, Project X, and some WWE (they all on blu ray)
  16. farewell65

    Ask farewell65 anything

    ah my bad, not big fan of NASCAR so no idea ha sorry about that
  17. farewell65

    Mud Run

    cool, thanks and will do that later
  18. farewell65

    NFL 2012-2013 Talk

    nah nope, it was not easy game!
  19. farewell65

    NFL 2012-2013 Talk

    ha I didnt set up VCR or DVR or TiVo for Eagles game cuz I dont like watch taped after know who win but I did watch the game last Sunday after Tough Mudder canceled their event on Sunday at late night on Saturday