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  1. RachelRene

    Deaf Cultures & ASL

    So well put! Thanks for sharing this. Hopefully it will make some people stop and think... if not Kristen, then others.
  2. RachelRene

    Signing isn't the Deaf "language"?

    My two cents: ASL qualifies as a true and independent language because it meets all the fundamental elements for a complete language - it has its own unique syntax, complex grammar structure, and vocabulary for expressing ideas. It has different dialects and accents. Viewing language as meaning...
  3. RachelRene

    10 things you shouldn't say to a deaf person

    Thank you for sharing my post :) Most of these just make me laugh. The ones that really frustrate me are usually said by people who've known me for a long time, and just don't get it. I think that there would be a lot less irritating/ignorant things said by strangers, doctors, grocery clerks...
  4. RachelRene

    Understanding in surprising places...

    Lol, thanks DeafCaroline. And she would love to know she's popular :) Honestly, *I'd* love to meet her for a cup of coffee. I haven't seen her in a long time, and miss her.
  5. RachelRene

    Understanding in surprising places...

    We end up talking a lot about facing ignorance and misunderstanding, everywhere we go... the grocery store, restaurants, doctor's offices... with strangers, old friends, classmates, partners, our families... How many times do we say "Why don't they understand?" I have expressed my share of...
  6. RachelRene

    my daughter was diagnosed w/Hearing loss

    Huzzah! I've been told by several (hearing) people that my only disability is that I speak so well. People understand me, absolutely, but they forget that I can't hear them, they forget to look at me, work with me... I'm constantly having to remind them, fight just to get to the point where I...
  7. RachelRene

    Since You've Been Gone...

    My friend started a blog project she is calling the "Mending Year" because 2011 seems to have been so rough for so many... and she just did the final breakup after a long messy relationship, and is focusing on the good. I take inspiration from her, and from you, Lady! I had to end one messy...
  8. RachelRene

    Cute, Toddlers chatting in car ASL

    I saw that, and LOVED it. The boys are so cute, and I love that she is showing natural language acquisition in ASL. I want her to post more videos. As a side note, my 3 yo LOVED watching the videos, and picked up some of the signs :)
  9. RachelRene

    Any attchment parenting family here?

    Proud AP parent here! :wave: I understand how hard it is when you're surrounded by people who don't "get it"... When my boy (now 3) was a baby, I lived in this tiny little judgmental town, and they found it very strange that I wrapped him, or kept him in a sling. Comments were made about...
  10. RachelRene

    Adjustment to late onset deafness

    Most days, I'm alright with my deafness. I've accepted it, I have spent the last year grieving the change in my hearing, and am mostly alright. But every now and then... Like I just found out that my favorite artist has a new album coming out. She has many, and I have every single one...
  11. RachelRene

    Mom of Deaf Toddler

    Kian is so lucky to have a mom who is clearly in tune with what he needs... I love how you described him. :) It's good that you're using the full tool box to get Kian language, and I love that you're doing music therapy and play groups, too (now that sounds like fun!). Here's a very hearty...
  12. RachelRene

    Phone Interviews Discriminatory?

    Because I work virtually, I get stuck doing a lot of phone interviews with clients, as well as trying to do meetings virtually. We use Skype a lot, which at least then I can see people's mouths, but it can be difficult still. We're trying to work out something for group meetings, but I don't...
  13. RachelRene

    relay service

    Hey, Alicia-- I actually have a couple friends that work at CHS, and can get you their info and do a little introduction if you want. Good luck!
  14. RachelRene

    bit of a rant..

    AliciaM- I hope for your sake that it's not an ongoing problem, but just a learning curve. I know that it can be hard for hearing people to remember to look at you, etc. in order to communicate... especially if voice is your main mode of communication. The hearing way of communicating and...
  15. RachelRene

    Family woes

    I did try to talk to my mom before I left, but she said "Don't make waves, don't complain. You only have 1 day left, don't end on a bad note." That was before I even started. I will probably write her a letter, but I'm just so happy to be back in my own place again. J has been playing with...
  16. RachelRene

    Businesses hanging up on relay calls

    I have to say that up until a few months ago, I never used relay at all. I knew about TTYs and VRS (and I'd seen a captioned phone, but I don't have one). I worried my ASL wasn't good enough to do a VRS call, and I don't have a TTY... I started using Clear Captions, but I find that I have a...
  17. RachelRene

    who said deaf kids can't read?

    J has JUST started signing I love you, which makes me *melt*. He works hard, manages the rock n roll hand, but never gets his thumb out... Then he saw this pic of Ash and Izzy, and got very excited. Studied Izzy's hand, then his own, then used his left hand to straighten his thumb out. He got it!
  18. RachelRene

    Businesses hanging up on relay calls

    I don't have anything helpful to say, but I wanted to chime in and say that I've been really frustrated with this too! When I was apartment shopping, there's a couple that I didn't even go look at because they kept hanging up on me... the one that I did go look at, I asked the lady why she kept...
  19. RachelRene

    Family woes

    My train leaves late tomorrow night. I cannot WAIT! Kellycat, you're exactly right... If it's not my hearing (which, again, has been an issue my whole life and mom just ignored it), it's that J and I are both allergic to gluten (which again, mom knew from the time i was 2 but decided on her...
  20. RachelRene

    What Ticks You Off (Most) About Hearies?

    YES! My friend's husband does this to me all the time, and thinks it's hilarious. I usually just ignore him. My family apparently thinks it's really funny to either mock me behind my back or with mouths covered so I don't know what they're laughing at, or saying things w/ no sound. Of...