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  1. BecLak

    Handicapped Parking Permits & Deaf people

    Tell me about it - As careful as I try to be, there have been a number of times where hearing family members have pulled me out from the path of an oncoming car.
  2. BecLak

    Students, Your questions answered here.

    Hi, This is an All Deaf Forum, so the majority here are either D/deaf or HoH. It is also a community forum, so all of us have varied life stories which can be found throughout the forum. If you scroll through each thread you will find the answer to all your questions. Happy Reading.
  3. BecLak

    Person Below Me

    Since my hair is also short, I would shampoo it over again and comb/brush it out. TPBM: Have you ever gone to pay for something and not had the money on you? What happened then?
  4. BecLak

    Why are deaf people against those with hearing learning asl?

    I have lived in many countries over the span of my life emerging in several different cultures and languages. Drawing from my own experience, arriving into a new country, culture, language etc., you are better received and welcomed as a newcomer when you respect the people who are born and bred...
  5. BecLak

    Why are deaf people against those with hearing learning asl?

    I dont believe you can draw comparisons or 'levels' between written and spoken English. There are many fluent English 'speakers' who can't understand or 'get' poetry or Shakespeare but are still considered fluent in English. There are many who are fluent in English Arts and Literature who are...
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    Person Below Me

    (FYI, I make teddy bears by hand)
  7. BecLak

    Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

    Im in those situations a lot. I dont get embarrassed, more frustrated and sometimes indignant. I get tired of having to excuse or explain myself. I wish it were more visible to save me from wasted explanations, because no matter how much you explain yourself it vaporises into nothing and you...
  8. BecLak

    Using Speech to text apps

    One major downside of Speech to text apps is that each person needs to have the app to use it at its best.
  9. BecLak


    ASL, BSL, Auslan, NZSL etc are all signed languages. Its purely common sense: As it is with any language spoken or otherwise, signed languages are processed in the mind the same way. Its not rocket science and certainly not any alien or superpower. Get real.
  10. BecLak

    Which AD'er are you wondering about?

    I miss her so much
  11. BecLak

    Person Below Me

    Manilla, Philippines is the craziest city Ive ever been in. TPBM: If you had a choice, what country in the world would you live in?
  12. BecLak

    Deaf ministry?

    My pet peeve is Hearing inerpreters trying to change our language and not embracing Deaf Culture within the church. Thats what offends the most. Also, in Australia there is no full Auslan Bible. Only selections of verses.
  13. BecLak

    What technology do you wish existed but doesn't yet?

    Wait...smartphone almost has it but not quite
  14. BecLak

    What technology do you wish existed but doesn't yet?

    A automated portable personal language translator and real-time captioning device in one
  15. BecLak

    Anyone experienced loneliness and anxiety being hoh or deaf?

    Yes definitely, but Ive learned to be content with my own company, rather than being frustrated all the time in the company of hearing people. Though I welcome every opportunity to be with other Deaf and chat in Sign Language.
  16. BecLak

    Just found out today....

    :( In my prayers.
  17. BecLak

    What is your favorite homemade meal?

    Roast Dinner. It used to be Sunday Roast Lamb, with Roast potatoes and veges. Favourite Asian meal: Spicy Chicken Coconut Noodles. Now, its Roast potatoes and veges since I have had to go Vegan for health reasons.
  18. BecLak

    What do you do for living?

    Mum of 7. (Eldest daughter is married. Youngest in High school). Writer, Bible Teacher (Doctorate of Divinity), International Public Relations, Cross-cultural advisor. Missionary. Handcrafted Crochet business as well.
  19. BecLak

    Why Apologize?

    Yes, its a common courteous habit we have due to the expectations of a hearing society, but its exhausting to run through a whole list of accomodations for our own benefit, with each and every hearing person we wish to have a decent conversation with beyond a greeting, because their lightbulb...
  20. BecLak

    Can HOH genuinely identify as Deaf?

    :wave: Yeah Ive missed you too! Ive missed being on AllDeaf. Family issues got the better of me this past year. We both know too well we cannot expect the Hearies to return the favour, but still needs to be said.