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  1. ShermanPearson

    Can the hearing impaired get a discount when buying things?

    Hi everybody, Since they can't be as normal as we are, I want to hold a discount purchase ceremony for them. I am learning more about the discount purchases to be able to complete this project, but the discount is difficult because the money I have is not enough. Do you know where discounts are...
  2. ShermanPearson

    Where do deaf students go to school?

    Hello everyone, Today, we are raised and developed in a peaceful environment. For that we have to thank generations ahead. Besides those who are born well, there are children born unlucky with the deformities: dumb, deaf, ... I do not know that such deaf people have their own environment to...
  3. ShermanPearson

    Should lgbtq history be taught in schools?

    Really thank you for your sharing, it was really very helpful.
  4. ShermanPearson

    Should lgbtq history be taught in schools?

    Hi everybody, Currently the society is increasingly developing. Therefore, discrimination against third sex people no longer exists. As a result, more and more people are coming out of themselves as third gender. What do people think if history about LGBT is given and taught in schools? In order...
  5. ShermanPearson

    Where to buy reputable and safe hearing aids? Coupons?

    Hi everybody, Currently I want to buy a hearing aid for my brother, the one in use is broken and old. In this regard I have absolutely no information, could someone please tell me about it and where to buy it? Thank you so much for sharing me.