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  1. moonflower

    iPhone 5 leaked Video

    my source who works for apple says nothing about iphone 5 so that is a rumor sorry CYA!!!
  2. moonflower

    TagDeaf thread

    I don't care of that site. I don't have friends in there to talk anymore but only on other site I do. I don't use Tagdeaf anymore.
  3. moonflower

    My poor dog is peeing is blood! :(

    how is Finlay doing ?? I had to take my dog, Pappy to the vet last week for reason he got kennel cough from other dog Grr. I told the owner of the dog to take the dog to the vet. Kennel cough is very catching in dogs. he is doing better now that he had been on medication for few days now.
  4. moonflower

    WTF Kitty

    LOL yeah funny see the kitten's WTF expession
  5. moonflower

    AZ Congresswoman...12 others, shot

    it was really scary sighs
  6. moonflower

    Are you afraid of needles

    I am opposite of my younger brother he freaks out of needles needles don't bother me much cuz I am so used to the needles still I don't like them cause they pitch me.
  7. moonflower

    gators is HUGE monster at 22ft long!!

    I think it is fake sorry that is my IMO
  8. moonflower

    DeKalb man pleads guilty to killing deaf woman

    that is so shame *sighs* I used go to school there when I was kid smh
  9. moonflower

    Who is single here?

    I am still single and loving it :)
  10. moonflower

    Who got snow?

    it is snowing here today GRR!!
  11. moonflower

    Bad News:

    Cheri hugs I can image how hard PTs does it can exhauses the patients prayers are keeping going :)
  12. moonflower

    Bad News:

    Cheri i am glad that your dad is doing better HUGS :)
  13. moonflower

    Hey Gophers.....

    cheers for you being on your own :D
  14. moonflower

    Bad News:

    cheri your family are still in my thoughts everyday :) i know how struggle into recovery goes. AND it long road to recovery as he is doing hugs
  15. moonflower

    Do you think parents should have the right to tattoo their kids?

    oh man that is so cruel tattoo on little kids sheesh they would have wait until they are older to do UGH!!!!!!
  16. moonflower

    Dammit! Don't read this if you are fragile.

    i am sorry Berry i too lost my sister after she was born so i can understand about losing a child.
  17. moonflower

    Bad News:

    Cheri this time of the year my prayer going strong for you and your family hugs hope things will be alright
  18. moonflower

    Who got snow?

    I got snow shrugs
  19. moonflower

    Bad News:

    Cheri it can be so scary hugs prayer are still going :)
  20. moonflower

    Bad News:

    Cheri your dad is still in my prayer hugs i know it will be hard on you and your sister my grandmother's heath is declining now so i know how you feel hugs