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    CapTel phones (or similar devices)

    Has anyone tried the 2400i? If so, how is the wifi?
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    Free Caption phone for Deaf

    The Texas drawl would have nothing to do with it, unless the captioning assistant couldn't understand him.
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    Free Caption phone for Deaf

    Hmmm...I haven't had the same experience. CapTel is usually pretty good for me, but it sometimes depends on the captioning assistant.
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    Free Cap Phone - for those like me that still have a landline...

    How is the CaptionCall captioning service compared to CapTel's service?
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    droid razr

    I played with my brother in law's phone, and for the short amount of time I had it in my hand, it seemed pretty friggin' sweet. If I were on Verizon, I'd definitely be getting this phone.
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    Customer Report shows that AT&T is the worse carrier

    I think it depends on where you live. I have friends in NY and SF, and they say it's awful, but friends in smaller cities say it's okay.
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    Free Caption phone for Deaf

    WebCapTel is special phone will allow you to view captions on your smartphone or on your computer. If you want a actual phone, CapTel has a lot of state programs where you can get a phone for free. Hope this helps.
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    iPhone is better than EVO

    They both look like great phones to me. I bought the EVO, and the iPhone doesn't blow it away. I do like the iPhone OS better, but Android is much better than I expected, and I'm very happy with it. The battery life has been an issue, but after a few tweaks, it's not too bad. For me, it came...
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    Sprint Relay - HTC EVO 4G

    why would anyone leave that on anyway?
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    AT&T new iPhone killer !

    not ugly at all. looks like a pretty sweet phone.
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    iPhone is better than EVO

    There's nothing wrong with the iphone, it's the AT&T service that I don't like. For one, nobody on my block can get a signal using AT&T. Lame! A woman in my building bought an iphone, and later found out it didn't work. She ended up with a phone that she couldn't use, and had to pay about $200...
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    Violent "sonic bomb" alarm clock bed shaker.

    I have the best alarm clock wife :D
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    iPhone is better than EVO

    I'll take my EVO with Sprint service over the iPhone with terrible service.
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    CapTel 800

    I know CapTel came out with their 800i VoIP phone a while back, but it looks like they have the same phone, the 800, which uses standard analog lines. I'm guessing it's replaced their 200, since I no longer see it on their website. :hmm:
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    Sprint Relay - HTC EVO 4G

    I got the EVO this past weekend, and I LOVE IT! It has a nice big screen, but it's very thin, so it fits in my pocket nicely. My only complaint is the battery life is pretty awful. You need to install an app killer and turn off a few other things to prolong the battery life.
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    I'm a throwback, I think

    There's also the CapTel VoIP phone.... CapTel 800i | Connects to the Internet to show you written captions during your telephone conversations
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    spoken word to text cellphone or
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    will you buy a captel 800i phones?

    Sprint seems to be selling it now.... New CapTel 800i
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    New York Fan Seeds Fenway With Yankees Grass

    I personally think that's hilarious, but I'm surprised he didn't get in trouble.
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    Commentary: Let Michael Vick play football

    Playing in the NFL is a privilege. He should be banned for life.