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    a local gun club in a small town. in Minnesota you can just take a short 4 hour courses and do the shooting range, then a test and you're done. The *county conceled*Gun Club of *city conceled*, Minnesota is an all-volunteer, 501(c)4 non-profit corporation. Our facilities include a...
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    I plan on having CCW with me soon. I just have to find a class that is willing to provide interpreter, since many of them are non-profit. I had contacted two companies, both refused to provide interpreter. however after researching ADA law, it states that nonprofit doesn't have to provide one...
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    Where are you from?

    Minnesota here, I just got back here curiously and I see new people around.
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    Football Talk?

    a few days ago I read the newspaper that Coleman, A seattle seahawks running back was jailed for hit and run... hes a deaf football player *smh*
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    Deaf or Hearing-impaired

    hi guys, I know I have been gone like forever, but I would like to have some help with my English homework. i'm currently writing an essay about what the Deaf/hard of hearing should be called in the public settings. this is just a survey. I just need a percentage of people to prove that I...
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    call your insurance and see if they cover those. or look at your coverage booklet if you have one.
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    Bad News:

    CHERI! i'm glad everything is getting better.. :hugs:
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    Super Bowl XLIV Predictions

    Am all for the Minnesota Vikings! i grew up to love the vikings all the years.
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    The 2009/10 NFL Thread

    Vikings! i'm still rooting for MINNESOTA VIKINGS although i'm rookie with singing a song.. i tried my best YouTube - ericvikings.wmv
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    CI and Skydiving?

    i went scuba diving while i have my CI.. however the safest limit is 82 feet according to the manufactor of nucleus (cochlear americas) i remember the day when i was interviewing with the surgeon, the first question i asked was "am i able to go scuba diving" he replied "wow.. never...
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    Americans are $2 trillion wealthier

    good for the people.. but what worries me is that the goverment's budget is still in the red marker.
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    What are you thinking about?

    i'm thinking... why is obama trying to be like hitler?
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    The 2009/10 NFL Thread

    yeah the packers.. where you smell the mold from their heads.. AMEN! I can't wait to see Favre meet their old team! it's going to be an interesting that weekend against packers!
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    The 2009/10 NFL Thread

    im a Minnesota Vikings fan! i can't wait for the next game at Detriot lions :D the bears better watch out for peterson
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    Drawing Blood Will Help Stop Drunk Driving, Police Say

    needles is a big mistake. i believe in this---- breath test to start your car.
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    Greetings from Minnesota

    welcome to AD i'm also from minnesotah
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    Yes!! It's Friday!!

    Whoo hoo.. friday!!!.. i can't wait to watch a Deaf race car driver Greg Gunderson in St. croix falls, WI! tonite!
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    Where's everyone from?

    i'm from Minnesota the land of more than 10,000 lakes
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    Couldnt stay away from AllDeaf for too long!!

    the longest i can remember.. was close to 2 years been away from AD
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    i'm looking foward to do the Manta Ray tubing! which flys in the air, been doing this once or twice a year since 2006! :cool2: this is a picture what it looks like.