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  1. TinyStrawberry

    Love is Never Silent

    Thanks. I'll have to discuss with my boss about that, and see what she could do.
  2. TinyStrawberry

    Love is Never Silent

    Yeh, I know.. But the only problem is, I'm not going to be buying it, and the person who takes care of the money, and orders, I dont know if she could buy things from EBAY. Plus, we cant have dvds, most of the buildings on the campus dont have DVD players, and some perfer tapes because i can...
  3. TinyStrawberry

    Love is Never Silent

    Hi there, Its been a while! I am working for an ASL program over the University, and I lookin for a tape called " Love is Never Silent", do you know where is a good place to buy one? or sumthing? The one we have here, is damaged, and we need a replacement, and we can't just "copy" it. So got...
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    To Current and past Minnesota Peeps!

    Thanks soo much for replying DeafSCUBA!!!!!!! AIM me anytime! :-)
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    To Current and past Minnesota Peeps!

    Hello you all again. Been a while since i been here. But anyway, i need some help from all of you who had or lived in Minnesota. i'm studying Minnesota History, and i have decided to do Minnesota History on Tornados, and i just need some information for those of you guys who had expericenced...
  6. TinyStrawberry

    Sidekick Email problems

    Its for the peeps who have sidekicks or sidekicks II.. For some reason, a couple of my friends, including myself too, we have been having some strange emails sending to our sidekicks.. Its mostly attached with a weird attachement (DONT CLICK ON IT), never know if its a virus. I don't know...
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    Who lives in Granville, OH?!?!

    TweetyBird: I thought u moved to Hawaii? *Puzzled* Sorry its off topic, back to the point.. I live in Minnesota, so Ohio? hmmm
  8. TinyStrawberry

    Woman Only!!!!!

    One thing.. Some of us are on Birth Control pills, and it actually tells u when it comes, it would have two different colors, White would be on ur non period, and the pink or an different color would be on your period cycle. :-)
  9. TinyStrawberry

    New Jersey Close captioning at theaters My boyfriend and I used to work at Regal Entertainment Group, located in Eagan, Mn. MOVIE CAPTIONING - EMERGENCY ALERT It has come to our attention that the Attorney General in the State of New Jersey has threatened a class...
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    Deaf Quotes

    Quotes that U know, which u like.. Not the ones that katize found online, quotes that u know..
  11. TinyStrawberry

    Deaf Quotes

    Yeh, but deaf quotes that u have in ur mind, that u like...
  12. TinyStrawberry

    Deaf Quotes

    Do any of you guys got any deaf quotes? I have none :-( I am curious of any of you guys got any. :-)
  13. TinyStrawberry

    Release Sidekick 2

    I brought myself a new sidekick in March this year, and It was working just fine, until the middle of June, the scrolling thing stopped working, and then I got a 2nd pager to replace the scrolling thing, then recently it STOPPED working on my second pager :squint: :squint: I was soo pissed, so...
  14. TinyStrawberry

    Cramps in your legs (calf)

    For me, I have to wait until it goes away, or I would try to move my calf. It hurts alot..
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    I have xanga.. Mine is Enjoy
  16. TinyStrawberry

    Does Anyone have plans for the Fourth of July Weekend ?

    U finally got a women? Too bad I won't be there, I'm going to be at the lake with my family and my boyfriend. I'll catch u sometime :-) Have fun!!! :bump: when we have a chance!
  17. TinyStrawberry

    Does Anyone have plans for the Fourth of July Weekend ?

    Err.. Friday, I am not sure what I'm doing.. I can't go to the lake until Saturday because Erin, my BF wants to come up. So Saturday morning, we are heading up.. We are going to spend the rest of the weekend up there. :-)
  18. TinyStrawberry

    Other Disabilties?

    Disabilties.. I am not sure if this one is a disabilty.. I have mild bi-polar depressions, found out at the age of 3-5. I went down to act normal then about 14-15 I gotten worster, was putted in therapy, medications (agh), by the age of 18, I have gotten better. The bi-polor depression was...
  19. TinyStrawberry

    what if *parents *

    For me, Shit. My dad prob will get his shot gun and shoot him. **NOT** but they will have a HUGE Discussion.. My mom knows pretty much about me and my boyfriend. :roll:
  20. TinyStrawberry

    Help me understand why...

    Most of you guys are saying that they are mad because alot of peeps are on SSDI or SSI, and they don't work.. Well I agree with you.. I'm on SSI, but I am also working about 30 hours a week.. While I was at school, during the school years, I work maybe less than 20 hours.. I couldn't afford to...