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    Cheri, come on...

    you know, if you would be just a friend and be there for her/him just like you would be there for her/him she would be back in a heart beat, but when you doubt her and tell her differently its kinda hard to wonder ot think about who to believe because you dont give her a chance to vent it out...
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    New from weirton Wv

    WOW!!! i guess we will have to wait and see what the picture shows... does that girl have a blonde hair or different color hair??? I do remember Carolyn.. and jackie too... Im anxious to see the picture.. haha
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    New from weirton Wv

    Welcome ANgela... I am Hollye... We might be in teh same class, but no clue.. Its been a LONG LONG time since i was there and the only people I know is Christopher and Joey, but cant remember if you were one of the girls too.. because I know there was me, joey and chris and another girl...
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    anyone into off-roading?

    I LOVE OFF-ROADING!!!! It is alot of fun!!! and scary at times... but i love it!!!!
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    Anyone went to DePaul Institute for the Deaf In Pgh

    i went there at 1979-1982. was there only for 3 years then moved to Motown and started in public school in 1st grade at 6 years old..
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    It's Official!!!

    beautiful!!!!! COngrats again!!!!!
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    Im new to this...

    Thank you..... HAHA... yeah thanks for straighting the info out... We are 2 years apart..... heather is the oldest and then me.....
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    Im new to this...

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    Im new to this...

    hahahaha!! yeah we are twin!! at least thats what everybody says... NOT!!
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    To be or not to be, that is the question I have...

    I hate when those feedbacks happens.. usually when the tube to the earmold breaks or has a crack in it. Happened to me few times.. My co-workers always looked around to see whats beeping before i realized it was me. Always funny to see what they get into to find out what it is. Most of the...
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    Married to Hearing Person

    Hows it going so far???? I know i have some problems here and there, but I always make it known that i didnt hear him.. I married a hearing guy too.. He always talks when he is moving or turning around.. which really pisses me off.. so what i do is turn around and start talking to him and...
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    How did you meet your partner? Funny stories?

    I met my husband at a bar. My best friend was married at that time- her ex husband had called him to come down and hang out with us, and he came down. After I saw his buff body and his eyes, I was smitten. from that night on, we talked and talked until morning dawn came up... 3 years later...
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    Why do hearing guy like deaf women instead hearing?

    I asked my husband why he chose me because he is hearing.. he said that because i have an awesome personality and i am beautiful.. he didnt even know I was HOH until i had to call him thru TTY the next day after i met him. He was cool as he could be and acted like nothing was different while...
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    Deaf-Hearing Marriage

    I TOTALLY agree with you Cheri... I am HOH with aids, and I have dated hearing guys all my life. I have not dated a deaf guys because there isnt any around here that fit in my style. i am not picking about guys. I have dealt with alot of issues with the guys and finally married my best...
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    Fun wedding songs? suggestion?

    hahahaha!! save that one for your time...
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    Cheri Oh Oh Cheri....

    gotta find 1..... Thanks Cheri.. i will see if I can find 1...
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    HAHAHAH!!! so true!!!!!
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    spouse with infidelity problems

    How are you doing so far???? I hope yo uare doing better than what yo0 posted last time... hope everything is well with you!!!
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    "Puppy Bowl"

    I did see it... and those puppies were adorable!!!!! love that pitbull puppy... but then again, they all were so cute that i wanna take them all home!!!!
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    Im new to this...

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! Im sure I will have a blast in here....