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  1. jdharrawood

    What are your Pros or Cons on this?

    Hello! Friend of mine has deaf son. He is 2 years old. She was wondering if she should or not. So I would like to see the list of Pros and Cons. My opionion is that I am against it. I think too early to put it on him. My belief is wait until he is older so he can make his own...
  2. jdharrawood

    Deaf school

    Hello!! I am looking for school that teach use sign language and oral both since My friend wants her son to be able to talk and read lips also sign language too. So let me know which school you go and they do both of them thanks
  3. jdharrawood

    Court says teens can marry under common law

    Well, My Great Grandmother got married when she was 12. and got pregnant when she was 13. They had good marraige. I know it sounds like too young, but think about it old days they always work there wasnt much activities like now days. Also now days more kids is just being a kid they dont...
  4. jdharrawood

    Deaf Adventists????

    I grew up assembly of God which is Pentcostal. Really myself I believe the bible more important than what kind of churches you go to since there are too many religion easily be lead into wrong directions since not all pastors do follow the bible some of pastors do twist the stories that is why...
  5. jdharrawood

    Marleen Martin's facial expression

    To me it looks more like she was telling somebody "well" told you so
  6. jdharrawood

    anyone works at VAMC???

    Any of you deaf working for Veterans Affair Medical Center??? I have been working there for the last 13 years and it has been so frustrated for me since I am the only 1 deaf who works there and I have tried to call several other Veteran Affair Medical Center to see if there is any deaf workers...
  7. jdharrawood

    Fear Factor

    Oh yeah I would love to be in it. There is one thing, I hope there isn't any food involved too lol. I am very very picky with food lol. I only like 4 veggies only lol.
  8. jdharrawood

    Man caught my cursor!

    LOL I dunno how he do that. But I love this and I would like to know how so I can do something like that. LOL
  9. jdharrawood

    Man caught my cursor!

    Love this link I love this link. Just put your cursor over that guy's face and watch his reaction and your cursor will dissappear.
  10. jdharrawood

    Jack the wasteful threads..

    I agree with you guys. Any of jack's thread should be :locked: down Or he should be barred out of ad club if he don't behave
  11. jdharrawood

    What is the difference between

    What don't you understand??? Far out means nothing It is not a word. Farce means some kind of startics (joke) but most deaf people say far out instead of farce. So I am wondering if most deaf people knew that farce was the word.
  12. jdharrawood

    What is the difference between

    I notice most of you guys use word "far out" instead of "farce" The real word and right spelling is farce, but I am just wondering if you guys knew that word or not??
  13. jdharrawood

    I am curious who is hearing in this ad

    For some reason I don't believe you Kevbo. I bet you are 99% deaf and 1% hearing.
  14. jdharrawood

    I am curious who is hearing in this ad

    Since I just now found out that Matt (prostock19) is hearing unless he is joking. there are few that I thought they were deaf. I am not against you hearing people. Some of you guys sure tricked me thought you were deaf. lol
  15. jdharrawood

    Wished you were married???

    knightwolf68 yeah I understand your point about the pro and con between marriage and single. I do like being single since you feel so independent, But I do rather to be married so I could have family. It is so fun to watch kids grow since they grow so fast makes you feel old so fast too...
  16. jdharrawood

    Wished you were married???

    Anybody here wish you were married long time ago??? I am 33 year old now and I noticed harder to find woman to start a family. I kept thinking I wish I had my chance when I was 20- 23 years old. But I just put it off until now I realized it is getting late for me. I love kids and I always...
  17. jdharrawood

    Polite answer

    OOOhhhhhhh you guys fell for this thread!!!! Babyphat21 just wanted to know what your excuses are if she ask you to go out and she will know your excuses..
  18. jdharrawood

    is it okay to cry?...

    I do cry too. All I know is the guys that cries are the senstive guy since they show that they cares. The ones that dont cry are cold heart have no sentive feelings. I do cry over sad movies alot of my friends laughed at me and they said it is only a movie and why am I crying over this...
  19. jdharrawood

    Kevbo's chickies

    Hey kevbo since you are a pimp for your porn website and still couldn't find a woman uh??? :laugh2: :laugh2: Don't deny that you are pimp since you showed us your check from last April 5th. :laugh2: :laugh2: I guess you are no hefner (The guy that owns playboy mansion) :laugh2: :laugh2:
  20. jdharrawood


    Hey man take easy!!! We all hate to say Goodbyes. Hope you will still remember of us and if you ever got worse or depression you are always welcome back here and ask for advice. We all would be happy to share our theories and give you some advices. So long man.