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  1. Steel X

    Where is everyone from?

    I'm from the Carolinas.
  2. Steel X

    Toddler left in corn maze!

    I assume she left him there on purpose.
  3. Steel X

    I'm scared please help

    All I can tell you is to be yourself and if you get rejected, f*** him. He clearly isn't the right type for ya anyway. Just take your time to learn about other people. Take it nice and easy with them by having a good friendship and see where it goes down the road. Relationships always start by a...
  4. Steel X

    Stupid comments

    Sometimes it annoys me when people ask me how good can I hear especially when I said I'm deaf. Like...Deaf. COMPLETELY deaf. If I do have any hearing, I would say I'm HoH but...deaf is where you CAN'T hear shit AT ALL. lol
  5. Steel X

    N.c. state governor signs bill to allow "deaf" symbol on drivers' licenses

    Nice. I hope it comes to SC soon as well.
  6. Steel X

    I'm looking for new hearing impaired and deaf friends.

    Yea I have facebook and facetime too. Are you from the UK or US?
  7. Steel X

    New here!

    Welcome to AD. Hope you can enjoy your stay.
  8. Steel X

    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Boobies. jk well...thinking about going to play Tekken 7 now.
  9. Steel X

    I'm looking for new hearing impaired and deaf friends.

    Since you are only 15, don't forget to take your chance to go to NTID/RIT. Could make a lot more friends there.
  10. Steel X

    Deaf contestant on "american ninja warrior"

    I love that game show. It's creative and fun.
  11. Steel X

    Sen. john mccain has brain cancer

    Only one of the few republicans I've truly respected.
  12. Steel X

    Deaf contestant on "american ninja warrior"

    Awesome. LOVE that game show.
  13. Steel X

    Deaf social in charlotte nc

    Been there a lot. Not a crazy fan on roller coasters, but certainly there are many other things to do at the amusement park.
  14. Steel X

    Skype anyone?

    Yea I use skype once in awhile but I use mostly oral. If you are bored and want to chat or whatever, just inbox me your scn and I'll give you mine. Hope you have a great day!
  15. Steel X

    Congressman and others wounded and injured during baseball practice

    It was pretty stupid and pointless on how republicans play the blame game on democrats just cause that shooter was a Sanders volunteer... There's far more serious problems to focus on than blaming the certain party just cause he supported that party instead of the other. Even one of the...
  16. Steel X

    Are you deaf & dating a hearing person?

    communication is alway the key, no matter what. Even with ASL or no ASL.
  17. Steel X

    Interstate 85 overpass collapsed in big fire

    Wow...such idiots to cause such a MAJOR damage like this.
  18. Steel X


    I believe this belongs in the Technology forums. Anyway, I'm playing Banjo-Tooie (Rare Replay on Xbox One) Turok 2 : Seeds of Evil remastered on PC, and Rayman on my 3DS. The vibration feature is a good way of feeling the tense in such games for everyone. Not just the deaf or hoh but yeah.
  19. Steel X

    Deaf date singles

    lol dying? then...isn't there any other sites that's better than deafhello?