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  1. Dixie


    I don't do this, but I have a friend on FB that does this all the time. Well, now I have two FB friends that do it now that JClarke has joined the Geocaching fun. I may try it sometime, but all I have is an iPhone 4 which may not be accurate or even capable of this at all.
  2. Dixie

    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    Oh Lard! :shock:
  3. Dixie

    Linguistics and ASL

    Here's something else - inflections. Latin is highly inflected. Modern English has only eight inflections, which are hold overs from Middle English. Here's my next question: do you think ASL is highly inflective or not? Examples? I'm very curious to know.
  4. Dixie

    Will the new health exchanges cover HAs?

    I think the insurance companies should be required to cover at least half the cost of HAs, especially those who depend on them to succeed on the job and/or in the classroom. Thank goodness there are places such as the Starkey Foundation and VRS that help to cover some of the cost to low-income...
  5. Dixie

    Best Deaf Friendly Restaurants

    I don't eat out often, but it is good to have that occasional prepared meal some too. Today I got lucky and my subway sandwich was paid for by my mom as a small treat for me and my daughter. This doesn't happen often. The last time we ate out was probably last summer. Every meal since then has...
  6. Dixie

    Target shoppers debit/credit cards potentially compromised

    The only way your bank information is kept private when shopping is to pay in cash or in gift cards. Any other method has your information floating around in cyberspace.
  7. Dixie

    Teacher in Colorado arrested for asking for topless photos

    Guys, just stop arguing with hoichi. You are just talking in circles and this thread has run its course. I believe the teacher is in the wrong and even if it might not be illegal, it is definitely unethical for a teacher to ask for such photos. You can lose your teaching license permanently...
  8. Dixie

    What drinking over 30 beers a day does to you

    Looks like one of my neighbors. She is a severe alcoholic and she is constantly in and out of the hospital. It is not uncommon for the ambulance to come pick her up at least once or twice a month. She is very thin, here teeth are bad, and she has all sorts of other problems. The sad part is when...
  9. Dixie

    The Polar Vortex Sequel

    Well that means everyone will be returning to the milk and egg sandwiches here in Arkansas. If the temperature drops below freezing for a daytime high, everyone here loses their freaking mind!
  10. Dixie

    What do you do when you are bored?

    I don't have time to be bored. Although if I have the time, I will lay down for a 45 minute nap here and there.
  11. Dixie

    What do you hoard/collect?

    Books. I am a bibliophile. Unfortunately they are still sitting in the bins I placed them in when I moved and I have been looking for a free or cheap bookshelf to put them in and free up much needed closet space. They've been waiting for a bookshelf for about two years now... Poor books.
  12. Dixie

    Lucia Disturbed

    So sad. My condolences to her close friends and family. Rest in peace LuciaDisturbed. :(
  13. Dixie

    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    I have been away this past week focusing on academia. I met another deafie yesterday, CI-user. It was very nice to talk to someone that understands for a change. Turns out this deafie studies film at UCA in Conway which is a little over an hour from my university. We made plans to meet again in...
  14. Dixie

    How many of you shop at small businesses for everyday needs?

    We aren't even allowed to plant little hanging gardens here because "it poses a safety hazard".
  15. Dixie

    Another question: Are registered sex offenders allowed on here?

    True, but they are usually high functioning, which means they can appear to be completely normal to the average person. They are usually well liked by other people which is why they are the least suspected people in your community. For example, most children are targeted by people they know...
  16. Dixie

    Thinking about switching to StraightTalk

    Why a tablet? Couldn't you use a computer with a webcam? Its kind of hard to sign and hold a tablet at the same time. Oh yeah, don't make yourself available to everyone at all times. Its actually quite liberating to just flat not feel like you have to be reached by anyone, anywhere, at any...
  17. Dixie

    Busted! Octomom Charged With Welfare Fraud

    If you break it down. it is roughly $7,933.33 per person per year.
  18. Dixie

    Petition aganist Tyson

    Tyson doesn't care because they are a large enough meat processing company. They have shifted from an emphasis on poultry to pork during the last few years. Tyson sells a lot of its pork products to institutions. The only way this will change is if every consumer in America just flat stopped...
  19. Dixie

    Arkansas woman arrest for rape teens boy

    LOL. I think it is safe to say that TLC has discontinued her contract with the show. Her attorney has told her to not comment to the media without them being present due to her high public profile. TLC's attorneys were probably the ones that requested the order.
  20. Dixie

    Petition aganist Tyson

    I used to work for Tyson, and the only way they will make it a mandate rather than a mere recommendation is if USDA also mandates that these practices are non-compliant with the humane treatment of animals policies. Tyson doesn't listen to petitions by the general public. They only listen to...