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  1. t e d d y

    How Gangsta Are You?

  2. t e d d y

    Anyone like to watch????

    007 rawks :)
  3. t e d d y

    What's your favortie Fast Food?

    s u b w a y ! ! ! ! !
  4. t e d d y

    Anybody likes a Jalapeno Popper with cheese in it?

    :bowdown: i <3 them!
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    Spurs V.S. Nets in Finals!

  6. t e d d y

    sad news for AVs

    roy's too old, he -had great career though
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    Picture of you play in any sport

    ill post lata when im@ home
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    Anyone been to ....

    Marnieland (in Canada) Wonderland in Canada Disney World Universal Studios
  9. t e d d y

    Anyone been to ....

    Six Flags Darien Lake Six Flags New England Six Flags Great Adventure Cedar Point Hershey Park Dorney Park Busch Garden (VA) Busch Garden (FL) Kings Dominion there's some more, i forgot the names lol
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    Attn: Matty

    lol matt will laugh at this ;)
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    Do Blind people Dream??

    um probably they do have dream but all related to sounds, they don't know what the things looks like unless they had their seeing then lose their eyes due to something
  12. t e d d y

    Listen to the music on the radio in my car

    good 4 u :D it happened to my friend many times
  13. t e d d y

    random question

    ahhh any kind of lunchables, I sleep with three pillows :D
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    Political immaturity

    well political is political
  15. t e d d y

    American Presidents

    george washington, father of the country :D
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    Attn: T E D D Y

    yesss I'm completed all YOURS sexiii mwah!! :cuddle: :kiss:
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    Attn: T E D D Y

    matt! thanksss!! i've been looking for him for YEARS YEARS YEARS AND YEARSS!!
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    FINAL EXAMS...Yikes!

    ahh i don't know about mine, im sure 3rd week of june well, during regents week
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    Stevie (Wolfboy)

    get well soon :D
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    This is my............

    congrats ;) keep postwhoring :p