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  1. seabeesgurl16

    Poston's ASL Class what do you think?

    poston i posted a thread about wsd its under education.... Its kayla johnson 3rd period
  2. seabeesgurl16


    I am a second year asl studen, And i am really curious about life at school. i have been told that alot of the students that go to wsd live there during the week and i have a couple of questions about it... 1) what are the classes there like? 2) do you all eat together in the same room? 3) if...
  3. seabeesgurl16

    Ever have a 'goth phase'?

    I think at one point most teenagers go through it, I went through it too but i was very depressed to, I had alot more on my plate than alot of teens that age would!
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    Does this happen often???

    thats horrible you shouldnt have to get used to it. there is simply no excuse for people to do this
  5. seabeesgurl16

    Poston's ASL Class what do you think?

    Poston, I dont quite understand this site yet just give me a little more time to understand technology doesnt like me much!
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    Military Relationships

    I think that if its love that it will work out but usually if both people that are in the relationship are in the military then no it usually doesnt because most of the time their deplyment are at different times
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    Military Relationships

    usually when both people are in the military it doesnt, depending on the situation because they are usually deployed at different times but If its love then yes it will work some way kayla