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  1. BrittBritt

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I thought it was good. Definitely a LOT better than some of the stuffy kids make me watch. It was either this or Turbo lol. It's worth seeing for sure.
  2. BrittBritt

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I want to see World War Z. I read half the book, but I gavr up on it. I found the book boring. I almost always like a book more than the movie, but the book was just a bunch of interviews from all different people and no narration. I never got attached to any characters because of they way they...
  3. BrittBritt

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Anyone seen Pacific Rim? We r going today
  4. BrittBritt

    Hello again! It's been a while

    :wave: Hi, you have dreamy eyes :ily: :naughty:
  5. BrittBritt

    top 10 places to visit before you die do you agree?

    Im booking a vacation this week. Maybe ill book one of these places. Thanks for the inspiration. My husband and I were sitting on the couch last night trying to figure out where we want to go this year. We decided somewhere warm and tropical since we will be going in January and it is so cold...
  6. BrittBritt

    Do you like spicy food?

    Oh my gosh! U poor thing lol. So four-five bites in less than 4 minutes and first yur mouth on fire, then yur stomach, we can imagine what burned next :giggle: I like to sweat a little bit, butnot that much!
  7. BrittBritt

    Do you like spicy food?

    We grow ghost chillies in our garden and out them in sauces. So good! Tastes aamazing in homemade apricot bbq sauce
  8. BrittBritt

    bit dodgy?

    :iough: So creepy
  9. BrittBritt

    Do you like spicy food?

    I like Thai food too, but I don't like coconut milk, so I stay away from most of thai curry; that's why I prefer Indian curry over thai curry. Indian food doesn't use coconut milk in their curry sauces. I do like the thai food that doesn't have coconut milk in it, like basil beef. Thai food has...
  10. BrittBritt

    Do you like spicy food?

    My husband likes this too. I thought he was the only one!
  11. BrittBritt

    Do you like spicy food?

    Sometimes it makes your heart start beating fast, and you start to wonder yourself if you're ok Lol. We went camping a few weeks ago and my friend put mike's insanity sauce on corn and he started snotting and drooling and coughing like he was going to die. He had tears and snot and drool running...
  12. BrittBritt

    Do you like spicy food?

    I like it to be just spicy enough to make me sweat, but not so spicy that I can't taste anything
  13. BrittBritt

    Wait For It

    Raccoons are hilarious! We have lots where I live, they are a constant source of entertainment. I love to watch them. They can be very hostile though, depending on their mood. My dog wanted to play with one and it ripped him up bad! I wish we could post pics from our cell phones because I have...
  14. BrittBritt

    Do you like spicy food?

    I am sitting here eating chicken vandaloo (spicy Indian food) for breakfast and thinking to myself how wonderful spicy food is. Do you like spicy food? What's your favorit? I like iIndian food the best I think; I also really enjoy grilled jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in...
  15. BrittBritt

    at the 103rd floor...

    Oh hell no; I just got nauseated from looking at the picture for a second. I'd faint up there!
  16. BrittBritt

    Ambiguity in aspects of Identity

    Probably. I try very hard to fit in w hearing community. I use residual hearing, lip reading, rtc in situations where I feel my asl would be distracting. I don't want to be excluded from a communit, friends, and family that I have been a part if my whole life, but I also am very happy to have...
  17. BrittBritt

    Deaf World Problems

    I have one that just happened again yesterday: every time someone uses the word hassle, you read their lips as if they've just called you an ass hole :jaw: :giggle:
  18. BrittBritt

    Official AllDeaf Mascot

    I went to San Jose and stayed at the Marriott one time, and once I checked in, I realized there were hundreds of grown adults dressed in big animal costumes acting like weirdos. It was a furry convention. I was so weirded out. They rented the banquet hall and filled the lobby and bar. A few...
  19. BrittBritt

    Adjustment to late onset deafness

    I don't know. I guess I'm just not as smart as you :blah:
  20. BrittBritt

    About deaf schools

    I'm Good luck :) we have a few good ones here in California. I thought about teaching at one, but it's a two hour drive each way. So I teach at a hearing school and use an RTC. However, I'm only aware of the K-12 schools. I assume you're looking for colleges since you're 18?