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    currently looking for CA colleges.. help??

    CSUN is a great option, especially if you want to major in English. Admission is really tough right now because of the budget, but Deaf people can apply through the NCOD (National Center on Deafness). There are easily 100 Deaf students at CSUN who sign, probably around 150, (the NCOD boasts 300...
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    Is it Offensive to Talk while among a Deaf crowd?

    Again, the point seems to be that the d/hh people in question did not COME for a Deaf social, they just happened upon a group of Deaf people. If they don't want to communicate with anyone in the group, whether or not they have HAs/CIs, SO WHAT. If they don't know anyone in the group none of the...
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    Culturally Responsible Movies

    In the Land of the Deaf, it's from France, and you can only buy it VHS, but it is good (DVD version doesn't work on American made DVD players)-- see if you can get it from the local library.
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    Abused baby left blind and deaf

    Only 4 1/2 YEARS! AND 3 YEARS FOR THE OTHER ONE? To quote the judge that sentenced them, "These actions were (are) inexplicable, deplorable and indefensible. "
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    Asl 1

    Yay, that's exciting! I am so proud of the ASL 1/2 students who go to Deaf events, as they should! I know it's scary, and you'll miss a ton, but your attitude will take you farther than you can imagine. Your E was NOT wrong. I know what you're saying, --- while there may be some...
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    Suggestion for improving ASL Skills

    Having Deaf friends and being as involved in the Deaf Community as possible is by far the best way to become more fluent in ASL. Best of all, it's free! For extra practice however, watch VLOGS! Deaf people talk about anything and everything online, from PhD level discussion to how they just got...
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    What is the sign for "park"?

    Just looking at the first ten signs "Short" for abbreviate--- ehhh, sort of but not the best sign for the most common meaning. Also, Abstract: There is a sign for abstract, it doesn't have to be fingerspelled, and it definitely isn't "made up out of nowhere" like the sign following the...
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    What is the sign for "park"?

    Amen to that!
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    question about asl grammar/syntax

    ASL Grammar/Syntax is much more complicated than I can begin to describe or you can begin to understand online, but: GENERALLY, the Wh is on the end of sentences for only 2 reasons-- either when asking a question to another person (though it isn't always at the end) and when you are asking a...
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    fingerspell Y-E-S or sign *S* (Yes)

    That makes sense. I'm not really sure, but that also make sense because movement could show emphasis in tactile sign as opposed to fingerspelling. And considering how tired tactile terps hands become, the sign is probably slightly less of a strain than the fsp. I don't think so. At least...
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    learning to sign

    Many ASL students struggle with signing "few" or "several" (same sign, movement and facial expression show the difference). While there are not a lot of specific "words" that are hard for ASL students to learn there are a lot of common issues that make people show their "hearing" accents...
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    ASL Joke Short Man in Elevator

    That's so sad. I'm grateful I'm not that short lol. He needs to find a pencil or something to reach the #12.
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    Terping on words that you're stumped with.

    THAT's what I think Jolie was concerned about. Unskilled terps (not necessarily unexperienced terps, as I've seen "terps" with 20+ years experience do this-- rarely thank God,-- always a few bad seeds, eh?) often do this but really need to realize that especially for ASL users, that often...
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    fingerspell Y-E-S or sign *S* (Yes)

    I would only say Y-E-S, and have only seen Y-E-S, as there is the lexicalized version, for clarification of the sign yes, (i.e. with a beginning signer) or if for some reason discussing the English word yes in a deep linguistics discussion about word meaning, (i.e. me signing to a Deaf person...
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    fingerspell Y-E-S or sign *S* (Yes)

    The sign yes is the official "way" to sign yes...but the lexicalized fingerspelling of yes (it looks like y-s) is used for emphasis. MANY words are fingerspelling for emphasis, or if they're short words, especially when they've become lexicalized (when the movement changes from spelling an...
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    VRS rudeness

    I work for a VRS company and I LOVE it! I've been working for them over a year and a half and couldn't be happier. 90% of the Deaf people I work with are very friendly to me as the interpreter (though they may completely chew out the hearing person, they treat me well before and after the call--...
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    ASL video

    No problem! Why not use the CC'd version in class? Surely someone has a laptop and would allow you to do that. No reason you should have to struggle for not being able to hear in an ASL class! What about HAPPEN PERSON COURT PUNISH DIE -JUST-AFTER (show just on your face, don't explicitly...
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    ASL video

    Some Suggestions Be careful about how you sign WINE-- get those fingers up straight or it kinda looks like you're signing DIZZY on the wrong part of your face. A pardon is from a president or governor, not a judge, and usually is signed like EXCUSE. Also, though I love the attempt to be...
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    University accommodations .. don't feel "deaf" enough

    I've met a few hoh people like this. They are sweet people who are simply so USED TO coping with less than 100% that they not only have concerns about taking services from more "needy" students but also feel guilty for using the services at all. Dont! Here's how I see it. As a hearing student...
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    Sorenson, Shame on You!

    I can understand the argument about setting up call centers in Canada as Canadians cannot use the services when calling any country other than the USA...but one thing no one seems to be considering in all this- Supply and Demand-- If Deaf people were not using VRS then Sorenson and the...