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    Old Fashioned Hearing Aids

    I wore eyeglass hearing aids in junior high or high school. I now wear ITE hearing aids which are tinted to match my skin color.
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    CapTel phones (or similar devices)

    I have a new Captel 2400I which arrived Wednesday a week and a half ago. Even though phone is less than two feet from the modem/router , it couldn't connect by wifi ; had to use the ethernet cable. ( Supplied) I like the fact that this phone gives full call history : name , phone number , and...
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    Captel@ 840I Recipient Issues?

    MikeF, My Captel is connected wirelessly.
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    Captel@ 840I Recipient Issues?

    I own a Captel 840I and also have 3 standard phones at my residence. ( I live with a relative.) Sometimes when I call doctors' and government offices, the person I call does not hear me very well. I then switch to a standard phone and they hear me clearly. Has anyone else had this...
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    Hand Talk

    I have a copy of Universal American Indian Sign Language by William Tompkins (C. 1926) which I bought in 1969. It's illustrated with good sketches. Not sure if it's still in print. BTW,I'm triracial (W African,Native American,European) and an Afro-American and Native American history buff.
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    Transcribing Voice Recorder for Captioning Services

    Chimajo, Maybe a captioned telephone is what you need. I've heard of 3 brand names: CapTel,Caption Call,Ensemble. I own a CapTel 840I and love it! Its disadvantages are that the answering machine doesn't keep good time (I lose 1-2minutes every 3 days.) and the caller id only...
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    Way to go Dad !!!

    I'd have tied this pervert to a tree and bull-whipped him.
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    Carbon monoxide detectors for the deaf

    PowerOn, I recently bought a combination smoke/monoxide detector at Lowes: Onelink model SCO0500. I can hear this alarm without my hearing aids on. BTW,this alarm is powered by two AA batteries. It is not dependent on house current. One can also program in a message...
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    Carbon monoxide detectors for the deaf

    I kept looking and there's a website,,that has several dual purpose (smoke and monoxide) detectors. Brand name is OneLink,which I believe is a subsidiary of First Alert. These detectors by Onelink can be set up not just to coordinate with the other detectors in one's...
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    Carbon monoxide detectors for the deaf

    Thanks Diehard Biker! I did find a battery only smoke alarm on the Loudenlow website and asked them about a carbon monoxide detector. (Am waiting for their response.) Since this thread originated several years ago,maybe there is a monoxide detector out there somewhere that's...
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    Carbon monoxide detectors for the deaf

    I was reading an article in my hearing aid specialist's newsletter this morning on smoke detectors which asked the question of whether one could or couldn't hear smoke and monoxide detectors without one's hearing aids. I've been HOH for many years and never considered this personal safety...
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    told I need hearing aids, can I ask a few questions?

    Are these going to be behind the ear or in the ear? Mine are all in the ear (half-shell) and tinted in flesh color (brown) to match my skin color. When I was little (60s and 70s) ,hearing aids only came in pink which I found quite annoying and a little too obvious. Whether you match...
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    FCC wants to improve quality of closed captioning.

    I also wish that the CCs were properly placed. Here in VA,not only do the CCs run at the bottom of the screen but other important information does too. Every time we have a big snowfall,the school,church and business closings/delays run along the bottom of the tv screen and behind the CCs...
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    hearing aids payment assistance

    When I lived in FL in 2001,Medicaid picked up 1/2 of the payment for my hearing aids ($1,000) and I paid the other $1000. I was in my mid-40's. I'm still on Medicaid and bought hearing aids this year with assistance from family members.
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    New here--with LVAS / EVAS

    What is LVAS/EVAS?
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    Fed Seek death sentence for Martathon Bomber

    I believe he should get the death penalty also. The world needs to put Tsarnaev and other radical,I repeat radical,Muslims in their place. It will be a long fight,but it's good to see that mainstream Muslims are finally waking up and confronting these terrorists.
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    Windows 7 in Wrong Partition-How to Move It?

    Saavik, Sorry it took so long to respond. My father has been ill. I did do a reinstall of Windows 7 Ultimate and specified to load it into Recovery HD 2. It went there but was also duplicated into HD 1. Was also able to install Windows onto the 64 GB flash drive. My...
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    I need an iMac external backup

    I have a 5 yr old Mac-Mini. (Mid-2007 edition) It has 80 GB of disk capacity. Previously,I was using the recovery HD (40 GB) along with Time Machine for backing up. My more computer literate brother didn't think that was a great idea backing up into a separate drive on the same computer. What...
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    The Biggest Loser TV show

    It's one of my favorite shows and I watch it every week it's on. Only criticism I have is I wish they'd censor out instances of vomiting during workouts. I don't like seeing that on tv. Otherwise,it's a positive show. They've had a lot of diversity among contestants. It's only a matter of...
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    Windows 7 in Wrong Partition-How to Move It?

    I just downloaded (yesterday) Windows 7 to my Mac-Mini,mid 2007 edition. (By way of Parallels.) I have 2 partitions,HD 1 (37-39GB) ,which has OS-X 10.7.5, and a vacant partition,Recovery HD 2 (40 GB) . Unfortunately,Windows 7 went into HD 1 and has filled up that partition,sharing space...