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    Happy Birthday, Allisonjoy!!

    thanks y'all!! :D bbnt -- when r u gunna quit?!?! lol. wait, i know the answer to that.. NEEEVER :P toodles. :cool:
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    When you're having a bad day....

    hehe that's real cuteeee
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    Attn: T E D D Y

    :laugh2: ah, yes that's teddys long lost twin bro- but teddys much more handsome -- plfft everybody ~ me no worry cos me know teddys all MINEEE heh :D
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    My Army will be invading Rhode Island

    tell me something NEW, bbnt? you defintely have a thing for RI and it's people from what i've seen lately ;-)
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    Made it to 2k!!

    congrats :thumb:
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    Long-Lost Brother?!

    :laugh2: whoaaa yess matt n that dude looks alike- that's pretty funny hehe
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    Get to know Matt, ask me anything.

    ummm I don't think dad wants a farwell party... he is also too busy himself getting ready to leave and etc ok thanks bye
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    AD Gallery

    greatttt job there, alex! :thumb:
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    Guess where

    I know! I know! you're going somewhere!!!!
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    Get to know Matt, ask me anything.

    :rofl: gonna get your nails done along w/ me & simone?!
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    FINAL EXAMS...Yikes!

    :lol: at the cartoon -- mine's next week!!!!!!!! yepp for real. aghh asl;dkjf;laskdjf;asd
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    Get to know Matt, ask me anything.

    HI MATT!!! Are you ready for tonight!??! :D!!!!
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    What if...the coclear implant is part of the Matrix?

    :shock: you DO watch too much TV lol
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    What is the worst thing you've done for money?

    CLEAN! yes yes thats the worst thing i've done for $! lol
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    May 20, 2003 - Tuesday - *New Date*

    tonight's the night! :D
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    Perfect Life!!

    Hm. Okay :eek:
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    Hahahahahaa I like that one :lol:
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    Gawwshhh lolol heartbroken by a gorilla! Poor her!
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    Blonde joke

    lolololol that's defintely a BLONDE 28 year old!
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    Notice to all employees:

    :eek: :dunno: