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    Hi, please write your "Dear Santa..."

    Dear Santa, I want to live in a world where you will not have to work in to earn a living and a respectable status. I want to live in a world where people live together in harmony. I want to live in a world where nobody will be looked upon in disgrace for doing something stupid like...
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    When you're angry..

    I get angry the first day. I put it in the subconscious mind on the second day, therefore, it's forgotten until someone brings it up. It's like I know the problem is there, but I'm not willing to talk about it until the other person brings it up. And I don't dwell on the problem either...
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    Chinese Torture Test

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    XP vs OS X

    Let's not forget that the Mac OS X has Unix built in too. *nix is mostly text-based, but you can have a Windows-style feel to it, which is called XFree86 (or something like that). It also has a reputation for being a secure operating system, but then again, if it was as popular as Windows...
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    Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City DOUBLE Pack for PS2 and Xbox!

    They already do. GTA3 Vice City = 29.99 and GTA3 by itself is 19.99 Thus, 50.00 :-) So the double-pack may be 49.99 as most common games are when they're released. I could be wrong, because the laws of supply and demand are in effect here too. The more demanding it is, the higher the...
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    3-D monitor methods found...

    This guy, lizuka, found out how to make LCD's more three-dimensional by using a cellophane window somehow in conjunction with the monitor. Part of his reason for the drive to find out how the third dimensional concept can work with monitors is for deaf people so that they can understand sign...
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    This is NEW AOL 9.0

    Er, Graphical User Interface. Sorry, heh. A interface for a computer is something the user interacts with. It can be text-based interface ( i.e. Unix ) or GUI (Windoze style). The AOL GUI has those graphical menus and pop-up features/news and buddylist.
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    what year...

    Heh, yep, didn't know you posted on this forum, though. ;-) *waves back* :wave: I'll be seeing you in Rochesterland soon!
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    what year...

    RIT Student, entered '02, majoring Information Technology. It's not a bad major too, touching a lot of areas where computer technology is concerned. Concentration goal is... heh, I don't know, I want to take all of them. I'll probably go security-related issues along with networking and...
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    This is NEW AOL 9.0

    It would be interesting to see what version of AOL they come out with next. AOL 10.0 ? or AOL or whatsoever. To me, AOL 10 seems... a bit weird in the name itself. Personally, I don't use AOL because I find that my cable modem at home was a lot better to use, (until they came out...
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    wireless internet (wi-fi)

    Encrypted packets containing vital information that transmit through the air may do the trick, so people that try to listen in may not understand it. However, this has not been invented yet, probably for a good reason: it would be a pain to have it installed into every computer/laptop that...
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    Real Effects of smoking pot

    I do my research sometimes on marijuana, and this subject is no different. I looked up what Liza asked. You may not give a fuck, but s/he might. Face this with an open mind, that's all I say. Thank you. And yes, I smoke sometimes.
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    Real Effects of smoking pot

    Here is one source that defines your concern about "holes" or defects in the brain caused by smoking marijuana. (This document requires Adobe Acrobat to read) It states (for those who don't want to read)...