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    Whats your ethnic background?

    Native Indian American from Mom's Side: Haliwa-Saponi Indians tribe mixes with Irish.. Native Indian American from Dad's Side: Cherokee, and Blackfootie tribes.. Me is Native Indian American mixed with Irish.. Many peoples mistook me as SPANISH, LATIN, WHITE & BLACK, HAWAII, or etcs. Lmafo...
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    Stick with your own kind? or Mix it up!

    Same here, got crazy thing for asian guys, just not because their look.. I love any races their cool cultures but, I love nerd/geek, anime, sushi, asian tv/movie drama lots.. It'll nice to have asian same common intrests as I do, but it can also be other races who in same like I do. :) I'm...
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    bad headaches....

    I tried chugging coke soda to clear my headaches.. I wonder what else you all do to rid crazy headaches with remedy? Out of curious. :)
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    The new guy

    Hello, welcome! I'm new here too. :) I used skateboard when I little girl, hehe. Love it!
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    Hi, I'm Artist from Maryland! *wave*

    Just drop in to saying hello, and intro myself. =) I'm single HOH Native Indian American & hint Irish lady from MD in USA. Looking to make new friends, socials and new love in my life, if bless. Welcome hit me up to chat get know to me, as I love to get know any one of you! (hugs) xD *bear...